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TDI Guestbook postings:
Al (the TD's pal)
~Part III~

Edgar & Paul (1989)

(photo credit: Jim Rakete)

TDI Homepage Guestbook // Sunday // 03/11/01:

A peaceful ode to: "TD focus."

No more but just a whispering hearsay rumor --
there really is a TD SBE gig coming right up.
We all can present a thoughtful piece to the puzzle.
So, the ripples can expand and collapse in a flash.
Let peace rejoice and reflection be the name of this page.
All you TD fans & diehards know exactly what I mean...
We've got to get to that music.
Simply put -- it's all about a TD gig.
Only the TD music matters.
It's nothing more and nothing less...
The sleeping giant (USA) is reportedly next...
Aren't we all in for a true TD electronic DM3 treat!
Just ~focus~ on the real electronic legends.
Where 2nd place is only left to the cosmic dust.
Whereupon the TD e-trails never stop dreaming...
Just trust me -- and you will forever be pleased!

Best Always, -- Al (the TD's pal), Berzerkeley, CA / USA

(photo supplied by: Scott Plumer)

TDI Homepage Guestbook // Friday // 04/20/01:

(Follow-up to a TD fans question):

I'll take a stab... ~lol~
Just one the greatest concerts that TD has ever performed (Of course, I say this all the time
as you all know me being an aficionado, diehard and fan of the TD live material). In a word
it's all "TD magic."

Technically speaking it was part of the 1st leg of the 1986 European TD tour. The 2nd leg
(North American Tour) begins with the "Pilots of Purple Twilight" and reworked sections
from the material taken from "Underwater Sunlight" to produce an equally effective and
fabulous concert series.

I've heard many stories of the original boots (Parisian Dreams One & Parisian Dreams
Too) of which my favorite is: "Having reluctantly sent my hard eared money (remem-
ber this is a bootleg story ~lol~), and six months later received a package!." ~lol~
Indeed, I as fortunate enough to hear the original "Quinoa" (TDIFC fan club) & PD
1 & 2" (thanks Bob!) for the very first time together many years ago and wrote this:

"Getting almost two hours of the most astonishing TD music I've
ever heard all at once. I'm literally blown away. The only thing
left is the smoke from the 'Tangerine Dream' dust trail. It's only
-- just now -- very slowly -- fading away...
Their music is totally pure and polished, powerfully pulsating and
smoothly flowing, continually ever seeking to be contemplating
thought provoking 'Tangerine Dreams.' Always running effortlessly
-- so loose and fancy free. That just all came to me remarkably
and quite literally -- naturally. Where they go. we willing follow,
eternally and ever so dedicatedly. Doesn't that TD music ever
flow, so incredibly wonderful and completely free!"

Of course, later the CD boot versions came out... But, for my money the pure magic of the
"black gold" vinyl is simply superb (if you got a good pressing of course). Almost equally
as famous is the concert in Cologne, Germany (03/29/86) also taped directly from the FM
feed. However, there can forevermore be only one ~Paris~ (venue: Olympique) of March
31, 1986. That should do it... :-)

My Best Always, -- Al (the TD's pal), Berkeley, CA / USA

PS: For those of you (long list) that know me please understand
that things are getting better ( a very long story). I'll get back to
some of you quite soon (Vic your in this group and Heiko you
will soon *not* also be forgotten!). ;-)

Note: Serge Stutz Pecelly wrote:
I just want to thank Alan..................

TD live on stage (Musikhalle Hamburg 1997)

(photo credit: Kent Eskildsen)

TDI Homepage Guestbook // Wednesday // 05/09/01:

Hey gang!
What happened to posting questions in the TD Newsgroups? ~lol~

OK -- here is the scoop go to Tadream website for all sorts of useful information re:
~The TD Concert~ on this blessed Saturday at Shepard's Bush Empire. The URL is:
Tadream homepage

This will give you maps of the London area and where the TD fans will be hanging
out prior to the *BIG SHOW!!!* Gosh, I wish I could be there (see the hot TDI news
entry about the "live" Internet broadcast), and eagerly look forward to all those first
hand salivating and juicy repots to follow. :-) But, I'll have to wait till TD brings their
Electronic treats to North America later in October after the "Alte Musik Festival" in
Berlin, Germany...

To everyone have a *great time* and to TD "break a leg!" ~lol~

Best Always, -- Al (the TD's pal), Berkeley, CA / USA

PS: I'm beginning to see the light at the end of
the TD tunnel. ~lol~ Finally working again and
making some dough... :-)

NP: Guess! ~ROFL~
Two words one group:
~Tangerine Dream~
TDI Homepage Guestbook // Wednesday // 05/09/01:

(From: ~Force Majeure~)

OK -- so I got excited! ~lol~
Not a "live" broadcast but a straight rebroadcast from May 24-27 (btw: several times
apparently, so we all get a chance to hear it). See the TDI notes on the SBE info short-
cut from the homepage. Only a legendary band would give us a treat like that! Clearly
~Tangerine Dream~ rules... :-)

Best Always, FM
(aka: Al, Berkeley, CA / USA)

TD live on stage (London 1990)

(photo credit: Rainer Rutka)

TDI Homepage Guestbook // Tuesday // 05/15/01:

Hey gang!
Well, here is my two cents... For me it doesn't matter how TD chooses to play "live."
What counts is the "composition" and nothing but the *composition.* This is not an
ordinary group -- TD is not part of the legend -- TD is the LEGEND! (just how many
times have I said that? ~lol~). There are many who favor one period over another and
having said that I too have my favorites... The fact that TD continues to explore the
sublime I find totally fascinating and superbly exhilarating. What I do know is that I
like (adore) most of it... And, I have absolutely no plans to ever stop listening... 'nuff

Best Always, -- Al (the TD's pal), Berkeley, CA / USA

NP: London (Royal Albert Hall), April 2, 1975...
The incredible 2nd set and encore. In my TD book
it's got to be one of the greatest and they have so
many of those! ;-)
TDI Homepage Guestbook // Thursday // 05/17/01:

Hi gang!
Just composed "Ode to Mandala" a timely pause in the eternal TDI midst...
It goes something like this:

The mighty force of pure beauty seeking being quite perfected.
Brings forth its raw strength and honor to be never neglected.
A golden magical harpsichord so powered by heavens delight.
Certainly, only J. S. Bach could ever play it with such a fancy flight.
Slowly evolving we see it, feel it, and most of all we want to hear it.
Now here is the power of TD sampled with so many bytes and bits.
Traveling down the road apiece the mighty Streethawk soars to fly.
Only to return to its past classical musical roots of all that stood bye.
Even the grand winding TD staircase leads us following step by step.
We blindly follow this awesome light clearly thinking, "Oh this is so hep."
For there can only be the one that plays so marvelously and in tune.
That is "Mandala" which is what we shall call it when it's in full bloom!

Can't wait to hear "DM III" (got all the records straight from the Ground Liftaz event
thanks to a TD friend :-). And, "Star Trooper" and "Twilight Folder" are still planned
to come hopefully and soon (TD please put "Mandala" in one of them for the wonder-
ful faithful fans). And, many thanks for all those TD diehards and fans that dug deep
and reflected upon the Shepard's Bush Empire concert event. It was the next best
thing to being there "live!" ;-)

My Best Always, -- Al (the TD's pal), Berkeley, CA / USA

NP: "Mandala" by ~Tangerine Dream~ of course! :-)

Note: Corrected one word in the "Ode to Mandala" above...

Edgar (KlangArt 1999 backstage)

TDI Homepage Guestbook // Wednesday // 05/23/01:

"...see you next time in the states.. "
- Edgar Froese

Hi gang!
A quoted line like any other line.
But, this one leads smack dab right here.
A great trip is about to embark once again.
Each adventure filled with
so many heights to climb
and lows to persevere...
But, one thing you can always
bet all of your TD chips on.
~Tangerine Dream~
is about to appear!

Best Always, -- Al (the TD's pal), Berzerkeley, CA / USA

PS: OK -- I'm completely overwhelmed! ~lol~
In my case, I and many others will try to make
as many of the West coast TD venues as possible...
Now, where the Sam bloody "H" would those be?
~ROFL~ ;-)
TDI Homepage Guestbook // Thursday // 05/24/01:

Hi gang!
Now having a bit of luck just listening to the Real Player audio... Seems they decided
to re-broadcast the rebroadcast... ~ROFL~ When in doubt always refer to TD rule #1:
"TD diehards NEVER stop!" ;-)

Best Always, -- Al (the TD's pal), Berzerkeley, CA/ USA

NP: "Mars Polaris" live by Tangerine Dream.

Never :-) Now it seems to run smoothly. - Webmaster

Edgar (1982)

(photo credit: Monique Froese)

TDI Homepage Guestbook // Friday // 06/01/01:

Hi gang!
My TD crystal ball sees the "Webmaster" and his scissors having a field day soon
including this message. ~lol~ OK -- we could discuss the pros and cons of what's
what in the electronic music medium for a very long time. That's why Tangerine
Dream and other electronic newsgroups were formed to cover just about every
aspect of it... If you need a complete list e-mail me off page and I'll supply you
with what I have (new ones are being formed all the time).

For me personally I have no problem whatsoever with TD's current output. Besides,
I simply won't stop till I've uncovered all those TD souls out there that were actually
there at the original TD concerts. Here (IMHO) TD is indeed the king and there is
nothing that will stop me till I find as many of the analogue masters of these fantastic
unpublished TD shows (about 40% of their total *epic* output).

TDI has asked that we try to *keep* the guestbook a guestbook...
Now, that's not too hard now is it? :-)

My Best Always, -- Al (the TD's pal), Berzerkeley, CA / USA

PS: Marakesh, There are many TD diehards and fans as
devoted as I am. The difference is that I like to write and
express my thoughts. Others, express themselves in many
ways with "kind TD deeds," to other diehards and fans, their
immense TD knowledge and sharing beautiful TD websites
for all the world to see. It's a very long lists. One thing you
can be bloody sure of -- we (TD diehards & fans) are every-
where! :-)

Linda & Edgar in Venice/Italy

(photo credit: Monique Froese)

TDI Homepage Guestbook // Monday // 06/04/01:

(From: ~Marspolaris~)

Edgar --
Another golden TD year has passed... We've enjoyed so much collectively it's
hard to know what to be truly thankful for... And, least us not forgot to wish
you a "Happy Birthday" and very best wishes from all of us!


Best Always, -- Mars
(aka: Al (the TD's pal), Berkeley, CA / USA)

Chris, Peter & Edgar (1974)

(photo credit: Monique Froese)

TDI Homepage Guestbook // Thursday // 06/14/01:

Hi gang!
Here is my two TD cents. ~lol~ For whatever it's worth... :-)
I've watched, read and wrote in this TDI guestbook now for sometime. It's clearly
had its up and downs. And, we've all abused it in one way or another (including me).
Whenever I've fired up and loaded this page and it didn't load -- I'd worry that that
the worst had finally happened (the "page" was no longer). So, to re-quote some-
thing that I quoted in this guestbook on November 19, 2000.

My thoughts are that "Neil D" hit the nail on the proverbial head when he said:
"The problem is there are many fans out there that feel deeply about TD's music
and they cannot restrain themselves in making a comment wether (whether) posi-
tive or negative. So, Webmaster, don't be hard on us, we can't help it!"

We all realize this and that we are *all* very passionate regarding ~Tangerine Dream's~
incredible music. There are many TD newsgroups which have discussions on all forms
of their music as composed and different periods and band line ups. We even have news-
groups devoted to collecting TD for the serious TD collectors. As well as other chat
boards (Artist Direct and Yahoo), and a mIRC Tadream chat interphase.

What (IMHO) TDI did not want is for: 1) personal attacks to take place on this page,
and 2) that this was not a TD discussion forum... Well, maybe it's time to realize that
the second one is truly the hardest to moderate and fully control. As, stated above in
Neil D's post. Certainly, we are going to talk about whatever is the "hot TD topic" and
what has been released as new or archived (i.e., "Sohoman and Soundmill Navigator").

If anyone would like my TD lists of the above newsgroups, chat boards and chat
interphase just e-mail me off the page. I've always looked forward to coming here
and reading what TD diehards and fans worldwide have so eloquently expressed
in as many different ways. Besides, I and many others would totally dread the day
that this TD guestbook page was no longer... :-( 'nuff said.

My Best Always, -- Al
Lifelong TD diehard
Berkeley, CA / USA

PS: For those of you that know me... It has been a very long haul,
but finally life is good again and most important my brother and I
have gotten back together after six years of a strained relationship
after our parents passed away. I'm decidedly back (although still
lurking just a bit), and very much looking forward to becoming
once again an active and participating member of all the TD news-
groups. You can always check up on me via the eBay ~Marspolaris~
"About Me" page to see what's what.

PPS: Sorry for the bandwidth, as I speak my mind and
felt it important (for whatever reason as stated above)
to write this... :-)

NP: By now you all know the bottom line...
Just about anything sooooo long as it's

TD live on stage (1982)

TDI Homepage Guestbook // Monday // 07/23/01:

My Dear Tangerine Dream --
OK -- We've all been *good* and *diehard* speculation is running rampant (in the
Yahoo Tadream newsgroups anyway)... ~lol~ Because of the smaller venues theme
(700 - 1800 TD fans & diehards), we've had to rule out certain historic sites (Para-
mount, BCT, Warfield, and Wiltern Theaters to name but just a few) that you've
played many times in the past... ~a really big TD diehard sigh~ So, just give us
what state of the USA tour that you plan to end up in... ~pretty please with lots
of *TD* sugar on top! Or, better yet -- what's the last ~Tangerine Dream~ USA
concert venue? To quote my good friend James: "TD inquiring minds want to
know!" :-)))

Best Always, -- Al (the TD's pal), Berkeley, CA / USA

PS: Owl -- We've all done it (screwed up the TD facts).
Last time for me was listing the Reims Cathedral (the
"infamous" one) as December 13, 1974. Of course it's
September 13, 1974... ;-) Bloody number thirteen! ~lol~

(photo credit: Virgin Records)

TDI Homepage Guestbook // Friday // 08/03/01:

Holy TD Mother of pearl! Now I'm excited!!! "WoW" -- not one, or two, or even three, but
*FOUR* TD concert venues have been listed for lovely sunny California. And, two more
up North (Oregon & Washington) just for good measure... THANKS!!! ~Tangerine Dream~
You are simply the best! ;-)

My Best Always, Al (the TD's pal), Berzerkeley, CA / USA

NP: Only ~Tangerine Dream~ stuff (published & unpublished)

Note: Jared White wrote:
Hmm, I guess no one's noticed that TDI's Web site has been updated with a semi-
official schedule of their October/November tour. And, guess what -- they're going
to be in San Francisco! Yes yes yes!!! I'll be there, count on it! Jared


Virgin Records "V" two record set (1975)

(photo credit: Rainer Rutka)

TDI Homepage Guestbook // Friday // 08/03/01:

Hehehe... Well, I'm in a good mood! It's going to be tough enough trying to get some
sleep tonight before work with all this great TD concert news! M-Transfer it's a very
famous piece simply titled: "Overture" (rt: 11:08). The title of the album is "V" and
there are five known published pressings. I'm fortunate to have a mint copy of the
Virgin release #VD 2502 (London 1975); which is a two record set. Yes, you're right
it was music that was created for the British stage production of the Sophocles tragedy
"Oedipus Tyranus" that was performed at the Chichester Festival. Could say a lot more,
but this is after all, the TDI guestbook. Besides, I've already told my brother, David, that
I'm taking a little time off work right after my birthday (Nov. 6 -- that "Logos" date and
rt again! :-) to follow one band. The legends themselves that we simply all know and
love as "Tangerine Dream!"

Best Always, -- Al (the TD's pal), Berkeley, CA / USA

Note: Macula Transfer wrote:
"Anyone know if the track by T.D that was on the sampler from Virgin records in the
mid 70s, is available? I think it was music for some stageproduction, a play or maybe
dance.... well I have not seen it since that doublevinyl sample!..."

TDI Homepage Guestbook // Friday // 08/06/01:

Hi gang!
This just to let you know that "Voices In The Dunes" ~The Tangerine Dream Worldwide
Discography~ (USA 1991) has *now* been posted on the Internet. It's truly a marvelous
undertaking of pure TD diehard "labor of love." When a TD collector tells you that he
has over sixty different versions of "Phaedra" on LP (vinyl -- just in case you forgot :-)...
He's not kidding! ~lol~ Its new title (updated) is, "Voices In The Net." Check it out at:
Voices In The Net

Best Always, -- FM
(aka: -- Al Benson // Berzerkeley, CA / USA)

PS: Thanks Michael, Peter, Siggy, Rolf & Matt.

Note: Made a few corrections above...
I need a *new* pair of glasses and soon! ~lol~

"llusions of Tangerine Dream in Concert"

The Berlin ICC TD concert poster
(January 26, 1981)


TDI Homepage Guestbook // Thursday // 08/16/01:

Hi gang!
Well, absolutely none of us fathom the idea that this wonderful TDI guestbook be placed
somewhere in the final abyss of cyberspace... I've written many times before on this very
subject and have clearly stated that there are many TD newsgroups, chat boards and other
known mediums (ICQ & mIRC) to have fruitful beneficial diehard and fan discussions
(just e-mail me and I'll supply you with the complete lists and webrings). Right now the
chief moderator and my good friend, Joe Shoults, of the Tadream Yahoo newsgroup (we
just celebrated our one thousandth T-digest!) has finally taken a (long overdue) hard line
stance on the following:

"...If you have a personal problem with another human being, this is
not the place to discuss it. If you have an inability to resist the urge
to flame, whine or polemicize, we suggest you take a deep breath
and come back later. Details at: Tadream homepage


And "yes", to be *fair* there is also the unmoderated tangerine dream list (replaced the
old Majordomo). Please *keep* in mind that I've abused it (this guestbook) too. Well,
what say thee? Either we behave and clean-up our act or lose this TDI guestbook page
forever... Clearly, no *one* wants that at *any* price. After all: "TD is coming to town!"
Can't bloody (insert your favorite expletive here) wait! 'nuff said... :-)

My Best Always, -- Al (Berkeley, CA / USA)

Note: Halfamix wrote:
"Good for you Alan. I think all should stop moaning and get back to the matter in hand
namely Tangerine Dream. What must it look like to new visitors from around the World
visiting for the first time!!..."


"Risky Business" (press photos)
You *bet* I have this press folder!

TDI Homepage Guestbook // Thursday // 08/23/01:

(From: ~Marspolaris~)

Hehehe... Did someone just mention "Risky Business?" ~lol~ My first TD love for sure
(although "Sorcerer' was the first recording I ever heard). Sure! It's on the Virgin sound-
track #CDV 2302 (UK 1985) on CD, vinyl and tape (there are many other published list-
ings given and this is only the main one), and not to difficult to get either. Also, the video
release on many forms of the medium. Of course, there is also the "Risky Business" //
The Audio Movie Kit (USA 1983), two LPs boxed set (very rare), and I'll leave the
"boot" word out of the picture for the moment... ~ROFL~

Best Always, -- Mars (aka: -- Al // Berkeley, CA / USA)

NP: "RB -- Love on a Real Train" by Tangerine Dream.
After hearing that for the first time -- it was hopeless!

After hearing the soundtrack to
"Risky Business"
I never stopped, and I never will...

(photo credit: Paul Fellows)

TDI Homepage Guestbook // Tuesday // 09/04/01:

Hi gang!
Gee, those "Poland" pics sure looked great! Getting the TD playlist so fast was way cool.
Thanks! :-) Did you notice that TDI just updated their latest news section (September 3rd)?
Other than the "Alte Musik Festival" (Bernau, Germany) on October 7th being completely
sold out (both shows), that all of the USA venues are now set in stone (confirmed).
Besides, the big news is they also just added "Vancouver, Canada" to their list of TD
concerts coming to North America!!! No firm date was given, but I'm sure glad to see
it there... Will TD wonders never cease? ~lol~

Best Always, -- Al (Berkeley, CA / USA)

NP: Montreal, Canada (Place de Art), June 19, 1986.

TDI Homepage Guestbook // Any possible date soon...

Could this be the tragic end of the TDI guestbook? -- Hmm...
What if TDI Music and Tangerine Dream webpages do merge?
So, stay
*tuned* gang! ~lol~

The new guardians of my TD homepage...

"Warsaw in the Sun" (the 12" inch LP)

TDI **NEW*** Homepage Guestbook // Thursday // 12/19/02:

The dream (~always~) remains the same...

Deck the halls with boughs of holly hanging
above the overstuffed red stockings filled with
so many kinds of tastefully delicious TD notes,
bytes and bits.

Seasonably spread about just like majestically
uncovered symphonic melodies dancing and
playing ever so softly about upon the first sight
of frost falling 'tis Christmas.

For we can see, touch, smell. taste and all of us
surely must *hear* it. Literally chiming together
we can all share and love that which TD does
bring us during this magical Yuletide time of the

Now as it's being created and composed ever
so generously once more and we shall all try to
be there (some of which is shared in the gleeful
chorus of kind and kindred spirits). It's very much
like when we were just little kids -- all over once
more -- and once again.

'Tis truly well beyond being the grand synth players
indeed with over thirty plus years of TD Christmas
past all packed into one incredible night and concert.
As, the rousing and mighty Astoria shall become our
welcome and roaring good Holiday cheer...

Fa la la la, la la la, la la - LA!


To ~Tangerine Dream~ a very Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year! ;-)

Holiday Greetings, -- Al (Berkeley, CA)


The TD concert "Fireball" at the Astoria
Theater in London on February 15, 2003.

TDI **NEW*** Homepage (Ghost) Guestbook // Sunday // 01/12/03:

I have carefully re-read all of the rules for posting in this unique
TDI guestbook. Paying very careful attention to rule #4 where it
clearly states that this is *NOT* a discussion forum... For those
of you still having trouble with that one I suggest you take a deep
breath then take two of these and call me in the morning... 'nuff

Special note To TD: Sure wish I could be there at the Astoria
Theater. All I can say is blast the bloody house down! :-)

Best Always,
-- Al (the TD's pal)
Berkeley, CA / USA


"Dolphin Dance" (the 12" inch LP)

Let us all hope the fantastic electronic TD dance adventures will continue.
Someday the guestbook will live on to swim with the dolphins another day...

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