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TD thoughts, stories & mottoes

TD Logo (original art by Craig Peterson)

"When Klaus speaks -- TD diehards listen!"
- Al (the TD's pal)

"From TD collectors mouth to TD collectors ear!"
- Klaus

TD thoughts:

"Getting almost two hours of the most astonishing TD music I've ever heard all at once,
I'm literally blown away. The only thing left is the smoke from the 'Tangerine Dream'
dust trail. It's only -- just now -- very slowly -- fading away... Their music is totally pure
and polished, powerfully pulsating and smoothly flowing, continually ever seeking to be
contemplating thought provoking 'Tangerine Dreams.' Always running effortlessly -- so
loose and fancy free. That just all came to me remarkably and quite literally -- naturally.
Where they go, we willing follow, eternally and ever so dedicatedly. Doesn't that TD
music ever flow, so incredibly wonderful and completely free!"


"Scraps from a master composer's notebook somehow seems to fit, so appropriately.
It's relevant that 'Cloudburst Flight' from the unbelievable album of 'Force Majeure'
remained as one of the very few pieces left virtually untouched. It always has been and
always will be -- 'perfect.' Decidedly, this complete set is the aficionados choice in the
quintessential gold of Tangerine Dreaming!"


"Please feel free to visit me anytime. When we can listen for hours -- without having
to pick or choose just forty minutes of music from a virtual treasure chest literally
overflowing with priceless TD gems. You haven't heard nothing yet! (in lieu of a
threat to someday invite me back). Seemingly, I have enough TD music within my
cherished collection to play for weeks on end... At the very least, until Winter breaks
and Spring is finally ready to blossom -- all over again!"


Hehehe... Isn't that the truth!


Shepherds Bush
(the CD single cover shot 1996)
Linda, Jerome & Edgar

(photo credit: Jim Rakete)

TD stories:

Re: Met Spa (Hollywood, 07/12/95) -- Joe wrote: "OK -- I'll bite..." Tadream digest
06/16/99: Al wrote: P.S. I think Linda Spa made her TD premiere at Werner Seelen-
binder Hall, Berlin, Germany (02/20/90). I met her in Hollywood (07/12/95) and I
for one will miss her!

OK, I'll bite. How/where did you meet her? What did you discuss? etc. -joe

Linda Spa

Hi Joe, It was after the SIR Theater concert in Hollywood, CA (07/12/95). After the gig
Edgar, Linda and Milos (I'll check the autograph spelling) were in this bar later that was
part of the happening. Several of us (TD Diehards) from the Bay Area got wind of the
concert. I remember spending all Friday morning and afternoon on the telephone follow-
ing the paper chase (Bob only said two words to me: "Hollywood, 7/12" and I did the
rest) just to get information (still have all my original notes). Finally, I reached the right
person with all the right answers! Anyway, the three of us (Bob and Scott) all went down
to the gig. Scott and I drove, Bob hoped a plane. The three of us met at the Virgin mega-
store. Later, we hooked up with Spect and Peter at the venue and had a jolly great time!
(Yes, we were all first in line).

I sort of acted as moderator and introduced everyone to Edgar (part of my unique friend-
ship with Horizon Music/TDNAN at the time). We found a few others as well that had
made their way to the event (heavily publicized on the radio station). Through another
friend, I found out that others (TD diehards) were there as well. Anyway, the short story
is that we all stayed around for a few hours after the gig. We met everyone except Jerome
(he was not to be found anywhere!). Linda is exceedingly beautiful in person. I told her
that she was very brave wearing that wedding dress up and down the catwalk when she
played her Alto Sax in "Largo." She just smiled quietly... as I melted right in front of her...

There were several other handouts available to us at the concert (from Miramar Productions
and two glossy b&w handbills designed for the event). Also, including the special computer
diskette featuring "Turn of the Tides" as a promo feature. Edgar was very generous with his
time... I'd say more but don't want to surpass the boundaries of etiquette imposed by this
newsgroup. If anyone is interested -- just dial me up on the ICQ (See my members profile,
I use the handle: Malthrope.), or just e-mail me. Simply put, we all had a wonderful time!
It was fun to relive all this with the KlangArt Festival "Mars Polaris" concert having just
concluded. Now, I don't feel quite sooo bad...

Best Regards, Al / TD Diehard

P.S. I also gave Monica Froese (for her husband Edgar) a master metal cassette tape of
a special TD show that I did here in Berkeley on KALX (FM 90.7), 10/20/94 on the DJ
Minor-Minor Electronic Musical show. For those of you lucky enough to have seen the
video of the SIR Theater event, you know that I along with the others are all in it! (I'm
the one wearing white by the way -- drinking Calistoga at the table watching Edgar as
he walks away). Thanks Joe -- you're doing a great job!!!
Note: See also the notes at end of D: Live Week 40 (SIR Theater, Hollywood, CA
07/12/95) Posted in Majordomo digest (07/22/99). I just realized that I made an
interesting error (he-he!). As, I'm was so new (and excited) to be on the Internet...
In my original "Met Spa" story, mistakenly referred to: "Turn of the Tides" instead
of the correct: "Tyranny of Beauty" (he-he). I'll get it all correct eventually... (TD
diehards never stop!).

Re: D: Live Week 36 / TD Concert 09/24/88 Berkeley, CA / USA.
First post: Majordomo / Second post: Tadream Onelist (06/24/99):
Hi All! My first Tangerine Dream concert was at the Berkeley Community Theater on
the campus of the Berkeley High School (set near the corner of Milvia & Allston) on
September 24, 1988 (about five blocks from where I live). I had just recently become
addicted to them since purchasing my first TD CD the year before of "Risky Business"
in March of 1987. Simply put, I couldn't get enough. I collected everything that I could
get my hands on! Anyway, my oldest and dearest friend, Frank (we've known each since
we were kids in the early sixties), was with me on that special night. He had just treated
me to the "Songs from Liquid Days" concert (music by Philip Glass) over in San Fran-
cisco a few months earlier. Now, it was my turn to play "Daddy Big Bucks."

Previously, I had already walked by the theater a few hours before the concert was to start
that night. There were two huge trucks parked outside on the North side of the auditorium
on Allston Street. Knowing full well exactly what they were and why they were there as
this added to my excitement of the forthcoming anticipation. The BCT seats about 3500
and supports a lower and upper balcony along with full orchestra and pit. Tangerine
Dream has performed there previously during the North American "Stratosfear" tour
on 04/25/77.

Besides, I knew well in advance that the concert was going to take place (former TDIFC
member #517), picked up the tickets on the very first day over at Tower Records up on the
Ave (what us Berkeleyites mean when referring to: "Telegraph Avenue"). Got two seats in
the Orchestra Pit (22 & 24 right) smack dab in the front rows. The place was soon enough
jam packed. The show started around 8:15 pm with Andy Summers (of "The Police" fame)
opening up the show with some beautiful guitar riffs. If my memory serves me, this perfor-
mance lasted about a half-hour to forty-five minutes or so (he had a few technical diffi-
culties but everyone was in a great mood that night).

Then about ten minutes later the stage lights began to shine a soft hazy purple/blue com-
bination of brilliant colors and cloud like smoke began to filter through and pour out onto
the stage. As the mighty synthesizers began to power up and roar out with "Mothers of
Rain" from "Optical Race." Away we go at last! The theater was now jammed well up
into the rafters (it reminded me of the opening sequence of the Powell & Pressburger
movie classic: "The Red Shoes"). Standing room only would have been an understate-
ment. As, this being one of my favorites cuts from that album -- Boy, was I in Seventh
Heaven! There they were -- TD live on stage -- my best friend was right there with me
and the place was packed!

I didn't know at the time that Christoph Franke had previously left the group and embarked
upon a solo career. His last concert being the fabulous "Palast der Republik" (Berlin,
Germany) on August 1, 1987. He was replaced on this tour that evening by Ralf Wadephul
(center stage). Edgar Froese was on stage right (on the left) and Paul Hasslinger stage left
(on the right). Hit, after hit, after hit is how I remember this fantastic show that wonderful

Later, when I became a true blue and fully dedicated TD diehard (thanks to my first two TD
cohorts: Bob & Bruce), then I was finally able to relieve these magic moments once again
through the "classic TD shows" from the many fan tapes. Later, I even took the time to give
a title to the one piece which was never published. It occurs late in the first set and I've
fondly named it: "Ton of Bricks" as that's how it personally affects me. Along these same
lines, the first composition from Usher Hall (Nottingham, UK) 11/08/76, I like to call that
one: "Scale Deluxe." But, that's another TD story for another Tadream day...

The composition titles for the shows are well know. When Scott said recently that the
shows they were all pretty much the same -- he was correct. Just the encores and pre-
sentation of them changed from show to show. When the encores finally did fire up
that night, the audience really got excited! The TD fans were literally jumping out of
their seats applauding even more furiously with each new encore! During this frenzied
moment, a woman had just taken the empty seat on my right. She told me that they had
played a full thirty minutes of encores at the Wiltem Theater on the night before in Los
Angeles. I just smiled proudly at her and screamed back at the top of my lungs, "There
the best!" We must have applauded minutes non-stop between pieces as they perfor-
med two that night. When TD walked away for the final time, Paul gave a signature
"Hi-five" to a lucky fan in the audience as they left the stage -- not to return back to us
again. The applause by this time was totally exceeding the deafening range of decibels!

Afterwards, Frank and I mingled with the crowd and after securing all the TD memorabi-
lia that I could possibly afford, we walked out into the beautiful Berkeley summer evening.
With big smiles upon are faces, he and I decided to walk up to the Ave for a late night
cappuccino at "The Met" and purchase some music over at Tower. He bought several TD
CDs and I picked up the soundtrack to "Mishima" (music by Philip Glass). Well, I had
everything TD published -- or, so I thought at the time (he-he). I even remember what the
store clerk said to me when handing over my purchase, "Did you see the movie?" he asked.
And I quickly replied with, "No, I heard the music!" While we were waiting in line another
woman who had been at the concert engaged me in casual conversation. I was telling her
that I liked most everything they had ever done from "Green Desert" on. She said that her
favorite T-Dream musical period came later beginning with "Stratosfear." I replied back
with, "Be sure to check out 'White Clouds, Astral Voyager & Indian Summer' on GD." All
in all, it was an incredible night that I shall never forget. They are, after all, simply the best...

Al / TD Diehard / Berkeley, CA / USA
Note: Made one technical correction above the BCT seats
approximately 3500. I'd originally put 600 (typo) for 3600...

The cover of "Keyboard" magazine (April, 1981)

Re: D Live Week 36. On Sunday 27 June, Lawry wrote:

Alan, Now _THATS_ how to post on D:Live... I really enjoyed reliving your
experience with you.... I hope that's the first of many great moments for you to
share with us...

Best Regards, Lawry
Many thanks Lawry! I do hope that everyone liked it! Besides, it was so very special to
me being my first TD concert (we all remember that one now -- don't we?). Simply put,
I just tried to write an exciting story with oodles of detail. A little something for every-
one from the largest TD collector on the planet to the very smallest. Clearly, there is
one basic thread that we all have in common... And, that is we all know just a little
something about "Tangerine Dream!"

With Warmest Regards, Al / TD Diehard / Berkeley, CA / USA

TD mottoes:

TD motto #1: "TD diehards NEVER stop!"

TD motto #2: "It's in my top ten, of course you must understand that
I already have one-hundred such TD selections in my top TEN!" ;-)

TD motto #3:
"By virtue of definition a TD diehard is always backlogged!"

TD motto #4: "As TD diehard individuals we each know one hell of
a lot -- collectively we know just about everything -- TD wise!" ~lol~

TD motto #6:
"And, just_WHO_ was it that said that TD diehards weren't CRAZY?"

TD motto #8: "If you see a TD item that you've never seen before...
You should immediately do two things. One: pick it up and hold it
very tight in your hot little TD hands. Two: then take it directly to
the counter and buy it!" ~lol~

TD motto #10: "Will TD wonders never cease?" ~lol~

TD motto #12: "Never refuse a gift from another TD diehard!"

TD motto #19: "A TD diehards promise is always the very best kind!"

Al (the TD's pal) often quoted eBay mottoes:

"All's fair in love and war & TD bidding on eBay!" ~lol~

"He/she who bids last with the most money always wins!"

My sometimes used TD diehard newsgroup signoffs:

"Something TD rare, something TD old... [Pound for
pound -- TD ~live~ in 1976 is simply unbeatable!]"

Or, the TD diehard alternative version:

"Al calls Bruce... First thing that Bruce says:
'OK -- cut the crap -- what's he got in '76?' ;-)"

(A~Steven Wright~ joke):

"Got a blank tape... Played it on my stereo system. My
neighbor complained. So, I turned it up full blast..." :^)

Lastly, one of my favorite quotes:

"Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait point."

(The heart has its reasons for which reason does not understand)

- Blaise Pascal

Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)
(taken from a French stamp)

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