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SIR Theater
Hollywood, CA
(Technical Report)
July 12, 1995

This is a special tech report written in the old Majordomo (Tadream) about the last
time that TD was here in concert. Also, I've taken the liberty to make a few correc-
tions and additions to this report as it was initially written. It also includes the "Met
story which is featured on my TD webpage, "TD thoughts, stories & mottoes."

Re: D: Live Week 40 (SIR Theater, Hollywood, CA, 07/12/95):
Posted in the Majordomo Digest V16 #709 (07/23/99).

Hi All!

Though I'd try to say a few things regarding the following items all
stemming from the SIR Theater (Hollywood, CA) event on 07/12/95.
First, the play list of the show (see also "Mysterious Semblance" on
page 78, written by Scott Plumer):

  1. "Little Blonde in the Park of Attractions" (7:47) (1a).

  2. "Living in a Fountain Pen (5:23).

  3. "Quasar" (4:37).

  4. "Stratosfear '95" (5:33).

  5. "Largo" (4:30) (1b).

  6. "Catwalk" (4:35) (1c).

  7. "Long Island Sunset" (4:47).

  8. "Touchwood" (6:32) (1d)

Additional Notes:

  1. Playing times for the play list are approximate. TD played very
    short transitional pieces between each composition. Total time
    is apx: 43:00 minutes.
  2. "Tangerine Dream" was that evening: Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese,
    Linda Spa and Milos (that's how he signed his autograph). He (Milos)
    told me that he was hired especially just for this one event. Some have
    listed Gerald Gradwool (who did perform on the "Tyranny of Beauty"
    official Miramar CD and cassette releases). Perhaps, one of our many
    knowledgeable members can fill in here with additional details...

Second // the special XSeSS Living Magazine:

The XSeSS Living magazine (Volume 2-2, 1995, retail price $8.95).
This contained the Miramar/Tangerine Dream "Tyranny of Beauty"
Interactive Preview special edition diskette. The diskette is included
in the inside back within a slip cover featuring the poster art ad from
Miramar featuring TD's new release of Tyranny of Beauty" ("Tyranny
is Power, Beauty is Elegance, Music is Timeless"). There were four
issues of the magazine produced each featuring a different CD en-
closed within (my copy CD3). The music magazine is similar to the
production of "Cymbiosis" (The Marriage of Music and Magazine,
Volume 2). The magazine (about the size of a CD) is packaged
centered into a recessed cardboard box (8 1/2 x 11), and features
the movie and television actress, Courtney Cox, on the front cover.

Third // the "Tyranny of Beauty" Miramar Interactive Preview
special diskette:

This diskette (1.44 Mb, minimum requirements: 486/25, 4 Mb of RAM,
Windows 3.1 or greater, Windows Compatible soundcard), features the
following six main categories:

  1. Tangerine Dream At a Glance "Tyranny of Beauty."

  2. Tangerine Dream Grammy Nominated Discography.

  3. Tangerine Dream Milestones (1965-1982).

  4. Tangerine Dream Milestones (1983-1995).

  5. Tangerine Dream What the Critics say.

  6. Tangerine Dream Biography.

The TD track, "Catwalk" plays continuously while the program is running.
You simply select the active TD figures (constantly flashing and changing),
and drag them into the golden circle. The first screen prompts the program
to run after you click it. Then the next screen features the main artwork
from "T of B." The third screen features a TD stage shot. It's very cute...
(If anyone is interested, just send me a request off post.)

Inserted Note: You can go to the Tadream homepage and select
(from the left set of button links) the "articles" section. This will
take you to a new page which features a special download for
the "Miramar 1995 'Tyranny of Beauty' Interactive Promo
diskette." Check *it* out! :-)

Fourth // the video, tapes and CDRs:

A) Video:

There were many professional video crews at this event. I'll just deal
with what I actually do know. First, the special fan video: Tangerine
Dream LIVE (7/12/1995) at SIR Theater (in Los Angeles). Produced
on a VHS 120 HS (2nd gen) video tape. This highlights much of the
event that took place that evening (but not including the full score of
TD's stage show). It's the first time that I was actually part of a TD
fan video, along with my friends: Bob Forman, Scott Webster, Peter
Isaacson, and T-Spect Le all being present that evening.

After the main presentation (featuring shots of the gallery outside the
interior theater where the distributors were located), it also highlighted
the pre-opening acts. The video concludes with a beautiful TD compil-
ation of tracks with a splendid display of fast moving sequences and
clips running throughout the entire video (including an excerpt from
the TDIFC CD track of "Quinoa").

B) Analogue Tapes:

There are two that I know of. I have one original analogue tape from
this event. It was recorded by a TD fan (unknown to me at the time).
Only later after the concert, did I find out through another TD diehard
and friend, Bruce Solomon, the name and origin of the tape source.
The tape is quite accurate (the soundstage equipment used by TD
that night was sub-standard). It's very "Bass" oriented and boomy...
However, it's exactly just how I remember hearing that show that
evening. So, the tape is an accurate representation of the sound
quality as actually performed by TD.

C) CDRs:

There are two that I know of (Tangerine Dream FAN CDR, The Miramar
Years, Live- July 12, '95@SIR Theater, Hlywd CA, Release version 1.00
& 2.00). The second CDR is fully indexed and features low rumble and
excessive bass frequency removal (Set 1 / 27:51 / Tracks 1-5, Set 2 /
09:14 / tracks 6-8, Studio Album Filler / 29:21 / tracks 9-10). The best
I've ever heard of this performance (taken from a 1st gen analogue of
the tape discussed above).


I've included as an addendum a story originally posted only in the Tadream
OneList digest (posted 06/16/99). As, I had written a "thank you" post back
to J. Gordon for his marvelous first hand account of the KlangArt Festival
"Mars Polaris" concert (posted as re: Mars Polaris CD/concert). In the or-
iginal post, Jerome had made a reference to the fact that Linda Spa's TD
premier was with "220 Volt." So, I just wanted to thank him for his splen-
did on scene report, and to add a small correction to when Linda's actual
concert premier was in a postscript (Werner Seelenbinder Hall, Germany,
02/20/90). Then, Joe Shoults, tags in with: "OK, I'll bite. How/where did
you meet her? What did you discuss? etc." So, I then wrote the following
"Met Spa" TD story and thought that some of the members of this list (that
didn't see it) would appreciate it being reposted here on Majordomo (which
includes some things not covered in this technical report).

Best Regards,

Alan Benson
TD Diehard
Berkeley, CA / USA

NP: "Beaucoup Fish" (track #3: "Jumbo") by Underworld.


Re: Met Spa (Hollywood, 07/12/95) -- Joe wrote: "OK -- I'll
(Original Post: Tadream OneList Digest #112, 06/17/99):

Hi Joe,

It was after the SIR Theater concert in Hollywood, CA (07/12/95). After the gig Edgar,
Linda and Milos (I'll check the autograph spelling) were in this bar later that was part
of the happening. Several of us (TD Diehards) from the Bay Area got wind of the con-
cert. I remember spending all Friday morning and afternoon on the telephone follow-
ing the paper chase (Bob only said two words to me: "Hollywood, 7/12" and I did the
rest) just to get information (still have all my original notes). Finally, I reached the right
person with all the right answers! Anyway, the three of us (Bob and Scott) all went down
to the gig. Scott and I drove, Bob hoped a plane. The three of us met at the Virgin mega-
store. Later, we hooked up with Spect and Peter at the venue and had a jolly great time!
(Yes, we were all first in line).

I sort of acted as moderator and introduced everyone to Edgar (part of my unique friend-
ship with Horizon Music/TDNAN at the time). We found a few others as well that had
made their way to the event (heavily publicized on the radio station). Through another
friend, I found out that others (TD diehards) were there as well. Anyway, the short story
is that we all stayed around for a few hours after the gig. We met everyone except Jerome
(he was not to be found anywhere!). Linda is exceedingly beautiful in person. I told her
that she was very brave wearing that wedding dress up and down the catwalk when she
played her Alto Sax in "Largo." She just smiled quietly... as I melted right in front of her...

Linda Spa

There were several other handouts available to us at the concert (from Miramar Pro-
ductions and two glossy b&w handbills designed for the event). Also, including the
special computer diskette featuring "Turn of the Tides" as a promo feature. Edgar
was very generous with his time... I'd say more but don't want to surpass the bound-
aries of etiquette imposed by this newsgroup. If anyone is interested -- just dial me
up on the ICQ (See my members profile, I use the handle: Malthrope.), or just e-mail
me. Simply put, we all had a wonderful time! It was fun to relive all this with the Klang-
Art Festival "Mars Polaris" concert having just concluded. Now, I don't feel quite sooo

Best Regards,

Alan Benson
TD Diehard

P.S. I also gave Monica Froese (for her husband Edgar) a master metal cassette tape
of a special TD show that I did here in Berkeley on KALX (FM 90.7), 10/20/94 on
the DJ Minor-Minor Electronic Musical show. For those of you lucky enough to have
seen the video of the SIR Theater event, you know that I along with the others are all
in it! (I'm the one wearing white by the way -- drinking Calistoga at the table watching
Edgar as he walks away). Thanks Joe -- you're doing a great job!!!



This copy made a few minor adjustments. As, (at the time) I'm
(was) so new and excited to be on the Internet... I just realized
that in my original "Met Spa" story, I mistakenly referred to:
"Turn of the Tides" instead of the correct: "Tyranny of Beauty"
(he-he). I'll get it all correct eventually (TD diehards never stop!).

North American 1992 TD tour program

To be continued...

TD diehards NEVER stop! ~lol~

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