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Audiophile junk, Postscripts & Favorite Links

Quichotte (front cover) Amiga Records (1980)

Audiophile junk:

Al's stereo configuration *main* reference system:

Note: I gave a few things away recently... ~lol~

Quichotte (back cover) Amiga Records (1980)


"Only the very best for my TD!"

All low-end of the high-end (with some unique exceptions like the McIntosh MR-78 FM
Tuner ($2K), Pioneer CLD-97 Laser Disc player ($2.5K), the NAD MR-20 color monitor
($800 from the original sticker price the best 20" inch monitor ever made and assembled
and some simply refer to it as "Mr. TV!"), and finally the Tascam Pro (RW series) CDR-
player/recorder ($1K plus) to be added. So, as you can see I go the whole "nine yards"
when it comes to: ~ Tangerine Dream ~

Oh, and of course a side passion for many types of music, film noir movies,
chess, stereo electronic gear, vintage pin-up art, comics (Linsner, Frazetta,
Royo, Daniel's, Kondom & Steven's), the Internet and cooking...~lol~

In all fairness -- there are four composers that I follow with some fortitude.
Tangerine Dream -- naturally, Klaus Schulze, Vangelis & Philip Glass (also
love Enigma, the Art of Noise & Enya)... ;-)

Note: Sometimes the Nakamichi and Tadream websites are down (listed below in
"Favorite Links"). Just be patient as these wonderful webpages finally reload... :-)

~Tangerine Dream~

"The one & only -- there is no substitute..."

"They are, after all, simply the best!"

'til next time... -- Al

Edgar playing "Hamlet" live on stage (1988)

(photo credit: Monique Froese)

Favorite Links:

Note: Here are just some excellent general TD links. As, so many TD diehards
have already placed wonderful links to links that I didn't want to be redundant.
Also, many TD diehards (friends of mine -- thanks to Klaus, Rutka, Paul, Heiko
Newmann, and of course Heiko Heer▀en) that have already kindly listed me on
their own personal TD homepage links. So, I'll expand here when the next die-
hard progress wave of HTML web of links is finally ready to be updated... :-)

~Tangerine Dream~

Yahoo ~Tangerine Dream ~ webring
The Essential TD ~live~ Recordings
TD (The Unheard Discography)
Tangerine Dream (unofficial)
Tangerine Dream homepage
The Tadream homepage
Really Cool TD Links
More Cool TD Links
Voices In The Net


Vintage McIntosh (history page)
Vintage Stax (products history)
Vintage Nakamichi (unofficial)
Vintage Marantz (unofficial)
Vintage Headphones

~Chess Links~

Exter Chess Club: "Chess Quotes"
Tim Krabbe's: Chess Curiosities
California Chess History

Chess Graphics

Note: Hehehe... Just had to throw in a couple of chess links above!
Also, I replaced Heiko's collection of ~TD~ set of WWW links with
his "Essential ~live~ Recordings (a beginners guide)", until he's
able to move all of his old TD webpages to a brand new home... :-)
Turns out that he lost it the info (the WWW website). However his
"Beginners Guide" is so good that I'm just going to leave it there!

Streethawk (from the 7" records rendition)

(original digital photo: Christian Russell)

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Quick -- some TD diehard please hand me
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Otherwise -- I'm gonna shread & retape
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