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~Bensonian Books~

Berkeley, CA

Rare Chess Books
Memorabilia Collection

Section Four:

Contact, Payment & Shipping Info
International and Domestic buyers

~The Main Index~

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It's now finally up and running:

~The Alan Benson Chess Book Collection~

Please also note that things change on a daily basis.
I'm a former chess master liquidating his personal
chess library. Regarding some of the interesting
entries once within my chess collection I'll try to
add all of the additional sub-webpages right here.
This includes the full documentation of the most
famous books that were once within my extensive
library! You can now see all of the "Lone Pine 1976
original scoresheets"
that were scanned digitally in-
cluding also all of the book scans on my main "chess
book website"
(the URL link is also given above)…

Additional note added: If smoking in any way offends
you then please *Do Not Order* chess books from me.
As, I still smoke and have even shared Black Russians
(drinks), and Sobraine cigarettes with the late & great
former World Chess Champion Mikhail Tal. 'nuff said...

Contact Info:

Alan Benson
2420 Atherton Street, #4
Berkeley, CA 94704-2132
Telephone : (510) 843-0661

Hours to contact me via telephone:

Monday - Sunday

9 AM to 12 Noon
1 PM to 5 PM
7 PM to 11 PM
(GMT - 08:00 PST)

Note: If trying to reach me by telephone I
apologize if the line is busy... As, I'm still
working on the new Tripod website with
HTML code, scans and multiple website
pages. Not to mention getting ads up on
eBay. So, e-mail is still the fastest way
to reach me. If needed just contact me
first that way to setup direct telephone
hookup... Thanks!

The e-mail info for Al & Marspolaris below (one in the same)

E-Mail (primary):

E-Mail (secondary):

(Please also see the e-mail information
& the URL links at the bottom of page).

My ~Contact, Payment & Shipping Info~ webpage was last updated on June 16th, 2004

This webpage includes all of the
updates to June 16th, ‘04.

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International Payment Info:

First Option: You can wire the money
directly to my Mechanics Bank account.

The Mechanics Bank
(Corporate Headquarters)
3170 Hilltop Mall Road
Richmond, CA 94806

Upon request I'll supply both the bank
routing numbers and account numbers.
Note: I am charged $10 at my banks
end and this is normally reserved for
large International book orders (over
$200, etc.).

The second option is to use the International Agency
Travelex. The URL link to find the office nearest you
Is to just click on the logo below.

Please make all International
certified checks payable to:

"Alan Benson"

The ~Travelex~ Home Page (for all countries)

International & Domestic

The third option is to use "PayPal." I'm PayPal verified
and the direct access to my premiere account is this
e-mail address:

Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!

Official PayPal Seal

The final option is to use "Western UnionR Auction PaymentsSM."
This is essentially a way in which to pay for an auction item only
(when I use eBay) using a method of your choice and I receive it
as a money order. I'm Western Union verified and the access to
my account is this e-mail address:

Pay for this auction online with
Western Union®Auction PaymentsSM

Western Union Auction Payments

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Domestic Payment Info:

I accept Certified Checks, USPS Money Orders,
Personal checks (the standard waiting for check
to clear), and $Cash$ (sent at buyers own risk).

Please make all personal checks, money
orders and certified checks payable to:

"Alan Benson"

Another option is to use "PayPal." I'm PayPal verified
and the direct access to my premiere account is this
e-mail address:

Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!
Pay me
securely with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card
through PayPal!
Visa MasterCard Discover American Express

The final option is to use "Western UnionR Auction PaymentsSM."
This is essentially a way in which to pay for an auction item only
(when I use eBay) using a method of your choice and I receive it
as a money order. I'm Western Union verified and the access to
my account is this e-mail address:

Pay for this auction online with
Western Union®Auction PaymentsSM

Western Union Auction Payments

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Shipping Info:

I'll mail them to you using both USPS and UPS. I'll need
to know from *you* what your mailing preferences are.

Such as the speed of delivery, USPS Priority Mail, USPS
First Class, 4th Class & Media Mail, Your full insurance
requirements, registered mail, certified mail, tracking and
anything else that you think I need be made aware of. :-)

Note: If the weight of the boxes for domestic orders
exceed 25 pounds plus, then I'll ask you on using UPS.
The reason being that I have no transportation vehicle
available to me. For International orders where USPS
must be used, naturally I'll then arrange for the special
transportation of chess book orders to be mailed at the
USPS main branch right here in Berkeley, CA. Thanks!

Info that I *need* from you:

I'll need your full name, address, city, state, postal
(full zip) code information and country. In some cases
your e-mail info (if first contacting me via telephone),
and your telephone number (if first contacting me via
e-mail) would also be useful.

My Packing Methods:

The package(s) will be protected in many ways. Each
chess book (in some cases a set of books) will be fully
protected with cardboard front and back & bubble-
wrap. If they are pamphlets or single books that have
been ordered, I'll use the standard Gould mailing en-
velopes with cardboard inserts. If ordering multiple
books, I'll be using standard pound tested boxes may
decide to double box it using a smaller box floating in
a sea of styrofoam chips or additional bubble-wrap
inside of a larger box. In any event -- every possible
precaution will be taken to insure that your chess
books reach you totally unharmed and safe. I now
charge for all my package cost using Gould bubble-
wrap mailing envelopes and pound tested boxes.

Current Feedback:

Here's what some have already kindly sent back to me:

The Books Arrived!! Today I went to the mail office
to pick up the package. The were very nicely pack-
aged and arrived fast and safe. Many, many thanks
for the chess ("Chessman") comic!

- P. Iglesias (Mexico)

I just received the books yesterday. USPS seems to
have the lightning fast delivery sevice now. Thx, for
the extra careful packaging. This can't be any better...

- S. Proniuk (USA)

It just arrived today safe and sound. Thanks.

- T. Huuhka (Finland)

Received the books on Monday
in *great* condition. Thanks.

- C. Hori (USA)

Thank you for your mail. The books arrived
today everything is fine. Thank you for the

- S. Scherm (Germany)

(and on his second order)

The books arrived yesterday.
Everything went perfect.
Thank you…

- S. Scherm (Germany)

The book arrived very well protected as you described.
I purchased the book due to another person's recom-
mendation, and I was extremely pleased that the book
lives up to its billing! Thank you for your service!

- T.S. Randall (USA)

I received the magazine from the mail today.
Thanks and looking forward to do business
with you again in the future...

- R. Ordinario (Canada)

I'm in heaven........ I've just gone over my 5th
Sowjetschach ("Weltgeschichte des Schachs")
game and third Q-Sac!!! They are just great...

(and on his second order)

Well, you've done it again!!!! A million
thanks!!!!! Everything arrived in tip top
condition!!!! ;-o WOW!

- J. Harris (USA)

I received the books yesterday - actually, before
I even got this e-mail. It was a grandmaster level
packing job - among the best I've ever seen (maybe
the best). Some very interesting older books/booklets
- been enjoying looking through them - had never seen
the 1975 Lone Pine book before (which you apparently
helped produce) - exceeded my expectations.

- K. Bachman (USA)

Today I have received the books in descripted
conditions. All is perfect. Thank you very much.
Best regards from Spain…

- V. Gallego Jiménez (Spain)

The package arrived today with everything safely intact.
Thank you for the careful packing. I've especially been
enjoying the 1948 CR (Chess Review) Annual and its
excellent coverage of the Hague-Moscow (1948)…

- D. Thompson (Japan)

Books just received…Thanks
again, Alan. Wonderful service!

- M. G. Dávila (Spain)

Advanced Book Exchange:
(~Bensonian Books~)

Formally I had been advertising on the "Advanced Book
Effective on April 29, ‘03 decided to cancel
my sellers ID there. They were, of course, wonderful to
deal with, but now that I’ve finally rebuilt my own chess
book websites I’ll be promoting privately through ICC,
newsgroups, and on eBay (my unique sellers ID there is:
Marspolaris), the remainder of what I have left for sale.
Note that "ABE" had made some changes to their policy
of funds being collected from the sale of books sold within
our inventories. As a result, I had to tack on an additional
5% to the selling price of all books being sold there. All of
the prices now posted on: "The Alan Benson Chess Book
reflect the original selling prices pre-ABE. So
far as I know no one is using my ID, so I’m keeping that…

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About me:

I've been a successful eBay buyer/seller for over four years
now with a totally positive feedback rating (398 positives). For
further details please also see my eBay "About Me" page. I'm
also heavily involved with the musical group simply known as:
"Tangerine Dream." The direct link to my TD homepage is:
"Al's little slice of TD heaven ~lol~"

My chess biography and history reads as follows (this
taken from the "Internet Chess Club" my finger notes),
and the unique ICC handle used there is: "Malthrope."

Special Note: I’m taking a short break from the ICC
after beginning and creating the new project "The
Hollywood Collection"
up on eBay... I’ll (naturally)
be back lurking, observing & kibitzing again shortly!

  • Well, what can I say that won't be too boring? ~lol~
    [reptile whispers: malthrope r u related to misanthrope ?
    // Malthrope whispers: Distant cousin... :-) PhishMaster
    kibitzes: thanks mal // Malthrope kibitzes: Anytime... :-)
    Malthrope kibitzes: Hi Susan! :-) // SusanPolgar(GM)
    kibitzes: Hi Mal :) // SlavMonster kibitzes: Hey we're
    watching this, Malthrope]
  • I've met with the following former World Chess Champions:
    Dr. Max Euwe, Vassily Smyslov, Mikhail Tal, Tigran (Tiger)
    Petrosian, Boris Spassky, and of course, Robert J. (Bobby)
    Fischer. Naturally I should also add the late great GM Paul
    Keres and the legendary & amazing GM Victor Korchnoi too!
  • At one time or another all of the following titled chess players
    have been good friends of mine: IGM's Walter Browne, James
    Tarjan, Yasser Seirawan, Nick deFirmian, Larry Christiansen,
    and George Koltanowski. Also, IM's Imre Köing (both George
    & Imre have passed away), William G. Addison, Julio Kaplan,
    John Grefe, Elliot Winslow, Vince McCambridge, and my old
    chess friend Marc Leski (all very much alive and still kicking!).
  • Went to both Piatorgsky Cups (1963 & 1966), Pan Pacific
    1987, 1991 & 1995 and also to many of the great Lone Pine
    Chess Tournaments (God bless you Louis wherever you are!).
    I also assisted GM Isaac Kashdan as one of the tournament
    directors in 1975. Then along with Max Burkett produced and
    ran the daily tournament bulletins for the fantastic Lone Pine
    Grandmaster Chess Tournaments for many years ('76-'79).
  • My only goal was to become a master strength chess player
    (just for the appreciation level). Once obtained I then retired
    from active tournaments back in '72, (right after the WCC
    match between Fischer and Spassky), and became a well
    known chess organizer/director in the principle cities of San
    Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley (simply known as the "Bay
    right here in sunny California).
  • Specializing in large Open Swiss systems and running
    the chess program on the University of California (Berkeley)
    campus for many years. Organized & directed the "Berkeley
    Riots" chess team (phone league), and ran the prestigious Cal-
    Chess Master's tourney ('79 & '81), Additionally, assisted and
    worked for the Professional Chess Association and ProChess.
  • Now, I just love to watch the best players in the world play
    blitz and International tournament chess here on the ICC!
    (btw: my game setting "open" is generally set to "no play").
    It's truly remarkable that twenty-four hours a day one can
    just tune in and watch Grandmasters in world class action. :-)
  • Also, I've played correspondence chess on the master
    level (ICCF placed 2nd twice), and enjoy esoteric chess
    variants of which progressive chess is my favorite. Also,
    I enjoy many types of problems (mates in ##, retrograde
    analysis, constructional task, series problems, etc.), as
    well as those difficult and challenging endgame studies!
  • Additionally, I've collected chess books & memorabilia
    since the early age of twelve (1,000's of books & double
    that in magazines). I've decided to sell my massive chess
    library that I've spent just over the last forty years col-
    lecting. This website will be hosting it "The Alan Benson
    Chess Book Collection"
    (links to all sections). Also, be sure
    to also check out the "Contact, Payment & Shipping Info"
    (FYI: this is the website you are now preesently veiwing).
  • So, that's the chess side of my life -- basically I'm just
    an old hack! ~lol~ I've specialized in blindfold exhibitions
    performing simuls of two, three, five, eight and ten boards
    I've taught chess to many children through the Berkeley
    Chess School and the Shipman chess school programs.
    I have many interesting chess stories to tell -- just ask!

    Note: I filled out the above with a few
    embellishments from the original ICC
    finger notes (limited space given there).

    Al's chess quote of the day (when
    leaving and then re-joining the ICC):

  • "Soon as I rejoined I've felt just
    like a fish back in water!" ~lol~

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That's me playing two games of blindfold chess simultaneously...

Al playing two games of chess while blindfolded (sans
sight of both chessboards) at the grand ol' Cherryland
Cafe (Hayward, CA), performed back in the late 70's...

That's me setting up a computer display of current chess programs being tested against master strength players (circa early 90's)

Al setting up a computer display of current chess programs
being tested against master strength players (circa early 90's
in Sunnyvale, CA - at one of the LERA Chess Tournaments).

(photo credits: Richard Shorman)

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Special thanks to
for supplying the first pic above!

Antonius Block playing chess against Death in the classic ~The Seventh Seal~ by Ingmar Bergman...

Antonius Block (Max von Sydow) wages his wits against
Death (Bengt Ekerot) this black & white still taken from
the classic movie "The Seventh Seal" by Ingmar Bergman
(note the detail using "The Isle of Lewis" chess set!).

The Chess Book Collection:

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"Magazines - Tournaments - Matches
Players Games & Game Collections"

"The Openings -- The Middle Game
Combinations - Endgames & Problems"

"Lone Pine Chess Tournament (CA) Score-
Sheets - Miscellaneous & Featured on eBay"

"New Chess Book Listings (Rare OOP)"

"New Listings // Chess Memorabilia"

"New Listings // Lone Pine Original Scoresheets"

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