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(Tech-Updates on Febuary 10th, 2004)

Picture(s) of the Moment:

Three new items... :-)))

First is the cover shot for the "Risky Business" Japanese
program brochure. Next comes a fabulous find one of the
beautiful color pictures (this a collage) from "Laserium --
The Cosmic Laser Concert."
It's a tri-fold color program
brochure given out during the North American Concert
Tour back in 1977. Lastly, back to my first TD love "Risky
a cropped shot of Joel and Lana from "Love on
a Real Train."
Taken from the movie memorabilia Lobby
Card set which is just bloody fabulous...

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TD devotion or an obsession?
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"Mars Polaris" story

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TDI Guestbook (Part I)

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TDI Guestbook (Parts I-III)
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Odes to Tangerine Dream

TD thoughts, stories & mottoes

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Master *Analogue* Tape
Special Generation Addendum
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SIR Theater
Hollywood, CA
(Technical Report)
July 12, 1995

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Technical TD Updates
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September 11, 2001
Tadream Digest #1035 OT:
"Today's Events in the US"

Ed's little secret...
The "Arrg" Files

"Coming soon!"

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~TD Published Works~

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*** New TD Jpeg's! ***
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  • SIR Theater // Hollywood, CA (07.12.95)

  • Laserium show (Cosmic Laser Concert

  • -- Stratosfear 1977 North American tour)
  • Magazine covers, interviews, press releases,

  • photos, rare press kits and biographies...

  • ***More***More***More***& More!***

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    ~Tangerine Dream~


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    The Tadream Homepage

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    Be sure to also check out the Tadream digital tree...

    Tadream "Tangerine Tree" cover artwork

    Tadream REDBOOK CD cover artwork

    "Tangerine Tree #2" ~preview~ cover artwork

    Tadream REDBOOK CD preview artwork

    "Tangerine Tree #2" ~download~ cover artwork

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    "Tangerine Tree #3" ~download~ cover artwork

    Tadream REDBOOK CD download artwork

    Many thanks goes to "Joe, Maff & Morgan"
    for hosting all of the above download info
    and of course all of the talented graphic
    artists contributing their expertise too!

    A special thanks goes to mastermind "Heiko" for
    creating this incredible TD tad-tree brainstorm! :-)
    The official
    "Tadream Tree" diehard slogan is:

    "Never sell or buy - trade freely"

    A ~classic~ TD band lineup:

    Christoph Franke (top left)
    Peter Baumann (center right)
    & Edgar Froese (bottom left)

    "Tangerine Dream"

    ~live in concert performance!~

    Be sure to check out the live concert photos from the
    "Astoria Theater" held recently in London on February
    15, 2003... Just click on the "TD logo" spinning below
    for instant and immediate backstage diehard access... ;-)

    "TD spinning logo"
    (last updated March 5th).

    The "Inferno"concert series...

    From Dante's "La Divina Commedia."

    The previous concert at the medieval castle in Nideggen,
    Germany. See the new pics from that event located at:

    "TD's Multimedia live concert archive gallery."

    Want to see some pics from the previous
    "Museumsinsel open-air festival?"

    Then check out "Heiko Neumann's website."

    And, also "Rainer Rutka's website."

    "Voices In The Dunes" now on the Internet!

    The Tangerine Dream Worldwide Discography

    Has been posted on the Net (August 3, 2001).
    Just click on the links above or below...

    Edgar just before the "Rock for Peace" concert in
    Warszawa, Poland (August 31-September 1, 2001)
    ~Thanks Vic!~

    The coolest ~band~ there ever was...


    I love to write and what you see here is a lot of text all about one band which is
    is very special to me. Of course that can only be Tangerine Dream! Within my
    diehard mind eyes it's the greatest electronic musical band that has ever been,
    will be, or could be. There is no second place, only 1st and that is TD's enduring
    electronic musical legacy. May you all enjoy a sampling of my many TD stories,
    thoughts, odes, mottoes and casual observations. There's plenty more yet to come
    (always under *heavy* construction). I may not have the biggest TD collection in
    the world, but it's certainly one *hell* of a lot... ~lol~

    My Best Always,
    -- Al

    Alan Benson
    Berkeley, CA / USA
    (~lifelong TD diehard~)

    E-Mail (primary):
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    Special Note:

    For all my TD diehard friends out there in the Internet wonderland: The WCAB legal
    and rehabilitation took almost three bloody years out of my life, etc. Hence, in April
    2001 (Sheesh! ~lol~) I'm finally beginning to slowly patch everything back together...
    So, please just bear with me a bit longer and kindly remember "Al's TD mottoes"
    #3, #12 & #19.

    Supplemental Note:

    This text was formally in my ~Marspolaris~ "About Me" page on eBay (my handle
    there). So, here you'll see many references to it. Keep in mind that I've not updated
    my personal Tangerine Dream Collection (TDC) in well over six years (all of the
    word text files, etc.). So, I'll probably start with the addition of my analogue TD
    ~live~ concert cassette tapes and then on to my mutiple published works of TD.
    Undoubtedly, this latter entry will take awhile! ~lol~ Besides, I'll learn a lot about
    about HTML in the process and I'll be thinking about my overall design (want to
    have a full section category of what I've written on a variety of TD subjects with
    links to all of them). Lastly, it's just like diehard collecting -- a continued work
    in progress -- that will take a lot of bloody time... ;-)

    Upcoming special TD premier previews:

    My brother, David, has got a nice color scanner and I hope to tie in some really cool
    TD jpeg's that have never seen the light of day! (some super color shots from the SIR
    Theater Hollywood show, July 12, '95). Also, a beautiful six page color brochure of
    the Laserium show (Cosmic Laser Concert) which was circulated circa 1977 (in con-
    junction with "Stratosfear" the North American Tour). Plus, a TD-ton of other stuff.
    As, I wouldn't want to spoil the diehard surprise -- now would I? ~lol~ Lastly, only
    a few of you have actually seen me. So, at long last my ugly mug throughout the years
    presented in a few choice renditions. ~ROFL~ I'll attempt to bring this all together
    when I can make a web of links to the various TD webpages that I'm creating. As,
    for a complete list of all my TD junk... That surely can wait (It's lots of work and I
    will be busy as a bee -- as ol' Al won't stop till he's a TD diehard webpage master
    wanna be!). ~LMAO~ So, stay *tuned* gang!

    Technical (update) notes:

    I won't keep a long running lists of techie notes here... Just the
    basics of what I've currently upgraded, added, fixed, modified
    or changed recently, etc. Also, cleaned up the homepage a bit
    by moving the bulk of my "Tech Updates" to its new sub-page.
    This includes the snippets of my ~Arrg~ complaints (when my
    putter was down), as well which has now all been moved (see
    also Ed's little secret). Just click on the blue hyperlink above,
    or on our cute smiley friend below and it will take you smack
    dab right to the new Technical Updates sub-webpage...

    (February 10th update):
    It's a very long story... Just wanted everyone to know I'm
    OK -- just had to go away for a spell. First, a few changes
    in the pictures presented. You'll see above three new ones.
    The 1st and 3rd are known, but the "Laserium Concert" is
    a rare find (I've had it a long time). You'll find *two* more
    given within these webpages (there are six in all). Also, I've
    added a few new photos (jpegs). In "TD Thoughts, Stories,
    & Mottoes"
    you can find the front cover shot from "Key-
    magazine (April, 1981). It's placed just after the story
    about my adventures at the Berkeley Community Theater back
    in 1988. There you'll also find some original artwork. A nice
    rendition of a TD logo (art by Craig Peterson). Finally, you
    can see the original press photo from "Sorcerer" and this is
    located at the bottom of the "Analogue section."

    OK -- wish I could stay longer but have to run... I'll be back
    sooner than later (promise). My other project which is keep-
    ing me very busy right now is selling on eBay the vast part of
    the ~The Hollywood Collection~ I should also mention that
    my computer system has been revamped with a new Pentium IV,
    scanner, printer & digital camera. When precious time permits
    (eventually) -- you can expect a lot of new jpegs and really cool
    webpages to be added when I can.... :-)

    PS: I almost bloody forgot... Somewhere is a new bonus pic
    from "Risky Business." MUM is the always the word with me
    and I ain't saying where it is or what it is. ~lol~ Good hunting...

    Just a note:

    This TD personal webpage was last updated on February 10, 2004 (GMT is - 08:00
    hours PDT). Now don't get too excited. ~lol~ I'll let *you* know when there's a
    major change! Presently I'm doing a lot of *tweaking* to my TD website (literally
    tons of little stuff). OK -- you can *wink* now... My first attempt to create the
    multiple web of links. Enjoy!

    Al playing two games of chess while blindfolded (sans sight
    of chessboards) at the Cherryland Cafe back in the eighties...

    (photo credit: Richard Shorman)

    Special thanks to
    for supplying the jpeg!


    As soon as I bloody figure out how to insert a jpeg. ~lol~
    I'll load up a scan of my Ventura Theater (November 9,
    2001) TD concert ticket! :-) BTW: Pictures that are not
    labeled are from the TDI homepage website (a few being
    from eBay TD sellers and TD diehards not identified yet).
    Credits for the TDI pictures belong to Monique Froese
    and Jim Rakete (now credited what I could). Please let
    me know if I overlooked you and one is yours... :-)

    Ventura Theater (TD concert ticket November 9, 2001)

    Hehehe... Now that wasn't too hard! ~lol~
    (scan credit: one of my TD pals - Scott Webster)

    Please feel free to visit:

    ~TD diehard~

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    Original digital artwork a gift for this TD website.
    This piece created & designed by Cristinel Crisan.
    ~Thanks Cristi!~

    BTW: If lacking in original TD ideas... ~lol~ Then you may suggest a
    possible caption for the picture of Ed below. What do you think? ;-)


    "What is Ed ('Fuerteventura') thinking about?"

    (Hint: Think Mr. Stuntman!)

    (photo credit: Monique Froese)

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