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Ed's little secret...
The "Arrg" Files!

Ed's little secret... ~lol~

(Thanks to Vic & Heiko for making this one available!)

"The ~Arrg~ Files"


The following events took place in 2001...

My personal computer went down on September 25th.
Hope to be back up and running on October 14th, or by
October 24th at the very latest. Note: My e-mail is also
down (sigh), and hopefully all will be fixed very soon...

2nd update: The big ~sigh~ Got my computer back,
but initializing the modem is a royal pain in the arse...
~lol~ Hope to have some necessary needed technical
help and very soon. The usual SNAFU -- can't wait!!!

3rd update: Finally! It's my birthday (Nov. 6th) and we've
finally found some old video cards to replace mine... Should
be back up and running around November 19th... I've got
my TD fingers crossed! ~lol~

Final update: I'm back!!! ~lol~ Good News / Bad News:
The bloody computer is fixed! However, I'm still in
retail and it's Christmas! You decide which is the
good news and which is the bad news... ~ROFL~

The way ol' Al felt when his computer went done... ~lol~

These TD recordings always make me feel better!

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Quick -- some TD diehard please hand me
a really badly recorded TD ~live~ fan tape...

Otherwise -- I'm gonna shread & retape
this bloody GoStats counter above... ~lol~
Tech Updates for reasons why... :-(