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TD *Analogue* Tape
~Special Generation Addendum~
~live~ in Concert!!!

~ This analogue tape list in chron order ~
(for each TD diehard source collector)

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~Important Notes~

~Additional Notes~

~Addendum A~
(Special CDRs)

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Note: This analogue list is not complete and just includes the bulk of the most
important TD tapes in my TDC. I'm always adding and upgrading to it (the num-
ber of times of upgrades and how many source tapes are not always listed either,
btw). Also, this entire list (99%), is pre-Internet! However, now that I finally have
Pentium power, things will change dramatically and soon, TD wise of course! ~lol~

Christian Horn

  1. London, UK
    (Royal Albert Hall)
    04/02/75 (90/110)
    UG/L FM 8
  2. Santa Monica, CA
    (Civic Auditorium)
    04/26/77 (90/105)
    UG/L 9 (8)
  3. Berlin, Germany
    (Eisport Hall)
    02/19/78 (125*)
    UG/L 8
  4. East Berlin, Germany
    (Palast der Republik)
    The 2nd show in evening.
    01/31/80 (105)
    UG/L FM 8 (9+)
  5. Brussels, Belgium
    (Cirque Royal)
    10/13/80 (90/100)
    UG/L MC 8
  6. Preston, UK
    (Guild Hall)
    11/05/80 (80)
    UG/L 9 (8)
  7. Firenze, Italy
    (Theatro Tenda)
    (the afternoon show)
    02/08/81 (90/100)
    UG/L 9+
  8. Aachen, Germany
    02/21/81 (90)
    UG/L 7+
  9. Munich, Germany
    (TD live with orchestra)
    12/09/81 (15)
    UG TV 8 (7)
  10. Sydney, Australia
    (Regent Theater)
    02/22/82 (110*)
    UG/L FM 10 (8)
  11. Berlin, Germany
    (International Congress Centrum
    -- otherwise known as the "ICC").
    Thanks ~Peter~ wherever you are! :-)
    11/15/82 (90)
    UG SB 9 (7)
  12. Tokyo, Japan
    (Koseinenkin Hall)
    06/23/83 (90/105)
    UG/L 10 (9)
  13. "The Keep"
    (Studio Master)
    1983 (60)
    UG SB 9 (7-)
  14. Columbus, Ohio
    (Palace Theater)
    10/19/92 (110*)
    UG/L MC 9 DAT

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Klaus Beschorner
("Live is just a Tangerine Dream"):

  1. Vol. 1:
    (partial) The Ones (the singles), Ultima Thule (Parts I
    & II), Overture to "V", and the "OPC" (the Oszillator
    Planet Concert). In addition, various promo singles
    and one live TD soundcheck.
  2. Vol. 3:
    (partial) Various TD & EF singles, also Klaus
    Kruger and Conrad Schnitzler (singles & promos).
  3. Vol. 7:
    (partial) KLEM CD 1, Franke & TD, Cologne
    WDR-radio broadcast (07/23/89), Berlin SFB-
    radio broadcast (08/23/87), and other rarities.

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Bruce Solomon

  1. Chicester, UK
    (Festival Theater)
    08/18/74 (20)
    UG/L VG+/EX-
  2. Glasgow, Scotland
    (Kelvin Hall)
    11/20/74 (85)
    UG/L VG
  3. Adelaide, Australia
    (Festival Hall)
    03/25/75 (85)
    UG/L VG+
  4. Paris, France
    "Festival Pop d'Orange"
    ~Open air Festival~
    (Theater Antique Et Gymnase)
    08/16/75 (60)
    UG/L EX-
  5. Birmingham, UK
    (Town Hall)
    10/12/75 (105*)
    UG/L VG+/EX-
  6. Glasgow, Scotland
    (Apollo City Hall)
    10/17/75 (45)
    UG/L VG+/EX-
  7. Croydon, UK
    (Fairfield Hall)
    10/23/75 (60)
    UG/L VG+/EX-
  8. Brussels, Belgium
    (Jansen University Auditorium)
    02/09/76 (105*)
    1st gen VG+/EX-
  9. Amsterdam, Netherlands
    (Rai Congress Centrum)
    02/11/76 (115*)
    UG/L VG+
  10. Manchester, UK
    (Free Trade Center)
    06/05/76 (108*)
    UG/L EX-
  11. London, UK
    (Royal Albert Hall)
    06/07/76 (82*)
    UG/L VG+
  12. Brighton, UK
    (The Dome)
    06/10/76 (90)
    UG/L VG+/EX-
  13. Berlin, Germany
    (Philharmonic Hall)
    The FM broadcast.
    06/27/76 (30)
    UG/L FM EX-
  14. Munich, Germany
    (Cirkus Krone)
    10/27/76 (90)
    UG/L VG+
  15. Nottingham, UK
    (Albert Hall)
    Note: some list "Usher Hall." I've changed
    this back to "Albert Hall" as we now have
    some TD diehard eyewitness confirmation.
    Besides, it's now officially printed on the
    Tadream Tree project thus listed... ;-)
    11/08/76 (75)
    UG/L EX-
  16. Portsmouth, UK
    (Guild Hall)
    Source tape: Ferric Oxide.
    11/09/76 (83)
    UG VG
  17. Brussels, Belgium
    (L'Ancienne Belgigue)
    Note: two versions with
    speed corrections.
    11/16/76 (62 & 63)
    2nd gen EX-
  18. Paris, France
    (Palais du Sport)
    11/22/76 (101*)
    1st gen VG+/EX-
  19. Toulouse, France
    (Centre Culturel)
    11/28/76 (85)
    UG/L (VG+/EX-)
  20. Detroit, MI
    (Ford Auditorium)
    03/31/77 ( 110*)
    UG/L VG+/EX-
  21. Washington DC
    (Lisner Auditorium)
    Note: two versions FM original
    and the FM re-broadcast.
    04/04/77 (95*)
    UG/L EX-
  22. New York, NY
    (Avery Fisher Hall)
    04/05/77 (128*)
    2nd gen VG+/EX-
  23. Montreal, Canada
    (Place des Art)
    04/10/77 (120*)
    3rd gen FM EX-
  24. Seattle, WA
    (Paramount Theater)
    04/21/77 (90)
    2nd gen (EX)
  25. Hamburg, Germany
    (Audimax Halle)
    02/24/78 (51)
    UG/L VG+
  26. Brussels, Belgium
    (Cirque Royal)
    10/13/80 (90/105)
    1st gen EX-/EX
  27. Bologna, Italy
    (Palace Sport)
    10/23/80 (90*)
  28. Preston, UK
    (Guild Hall)
    11/05/80 (110*)
    UG/L EX-
  29. Santa Monica, CA
    (Civic Auditorium)
    Source tape: Ferric Oxide.
    11/22/80 (110*)
    UG/L EX- (VG)
  30. Paris, France
    (Bataclan Palace)
    02/02/81 (90)
    1st gen (EX)
  31. Berlin, Germany
    (Platz der Republik)
    08/29/81 (45)
    UG/L EX-
  32. Oxford, UK
    (New Theater)
    10/15/81 (85)
    UG/L EX- (EX+)
  33. Edinburgh, Scotland
    (Usher Hall)
    10/26/81 (90)
    UG/L EX-
  34. Gelsenkirchen, Germany
    (Musik Theater WDR)
    11/11/81 (25)
    UG/L FM EX-
  35. Sydney, Australia
    (Regent Theater)
    The FM re-broadcast.
    02/22/82 (107*)
    3rd gen EX-/EX (VG+)
  36. Melbourne, Australia
    (Dallas Brooks Hall)
    End part of show
    the FM broadcast.
    03/01/82 (65)
    UG/L FM EX
  37. London, UK
    (Dominion Theater)
    11/06/82 (110*)
    1st gen (EX-)
  38. Berlin, Germany
    (Internationales Congress Centrum)
    Note: two versions one with equalization.
    Thanks ~Peter~ wherever you are! :-)
    11/15/82 (90)
    UG/L SB (VG+)
  39. Frankfurt, Germany
    (Alte Oper)
    "Fassbinder Memorial"
    06/11/83 (30)
    UG/L EX-/EX
  40. Tokyo, Japan
    (Koseinenkin Hall)
    Note: two versions one
    recorded on chrome tape
    with all encores intact.
    06/23/83 ( 110*)
    UG/L EX-
  41. Osaka, Japan
    (Festival Hall)
    06/28/83 (110*)
    1st gen (EX+)
  42. Nottingham, UK
    (Royal Court Hall)
    03/22/86 (90/100)
    UG/L VG+/EX-
  43. Cologne, Germany
    03/29/86 (60)
    UG FM EX (VG)
  44. San Francisco, CA
    (Warfield Theater)
    06/03/86 (120*)
    2nd gen EX-
  45. Los Angeles, CA
    (Universal Amphitheater)
    Source tape: Ferric Oxide.
    05/05/86 (122*)
    UG/L EX- (VG)
  46. Montreal, Canada
    (Place des Art)
    06/19/86 (110*)
    UG/L EX- (EX)
  47. Berlin,Germany
    (Palast der Republik)
    The remixed version.
    08/01/87 (126*)
    UG/L FM EX
  48. Boston, MA
    (Somerville Theater)
    09/06/88 (90/120)
    UG/L SB (EX+)
  49. New York, NY
    (Radio City Music Hall)
    09/07/88 (90/120)
    1st gen EX-
  50. Seattle, WA
    (Paramount Theater)
    09/27/88 (120*)
    1st gen EX-
  51. Berlin, Germany
    (Werner Seelenbinder Hall)
    02/20/90 (122*)
    1st gen FM EX
  52. Washington DC
    (Lisner Auditorium)
    10/13/92 (122*)
    Master EX-/EX
  53. Columbus, OH
    (Palace Theater)
    10/14/92 (131*)
    1st gen EX-/EX
  54. Ventura, CA
    (Ventura Theater)
    11/01/92 (100*)
    1st gen EX-/EX

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Solomon (cont.)
(partial tape selections & selected encores):

  1. Birmingham, UK
    (Town Hall)
    10/12/75 *
    UG/L VG+/EX-
  2. Brussels, Belgium
    (Jansen University Auditorium)
    02/09/76 *
    1st gen (VG+/EX-)
  3. Amsterdam, Netherlands
    (Rai Congress Centrum)
    02/11/76 *
    UG/L VG+
  4. Manchester, UK
    (Free Trade Center)
    06/05/76 *
    UG/L EX-
  5. London, UK
    (Royal Albert Hall)
    06/07/76 *
    UG/L VG+
  6. London, UK
    (Odeon Theater)
    11/03/76 **
    UG/L VG
  7. Washington DC
    (Lisner Auditorium)
    The original FM broadcast.
    04/04/77 *
    UG/L FM EX-
  8. Montreal, Canada
    (Place des Art)
    The FM broadcast.
    04/10/77 *
    3rd gen FM EX-
  9. East Berlin, East Germany
    (Palast der Republik)
    The evening show encore.
    01/31/80 *
    UG/L FM EX-/EX (VG)
  10. Preston, UK
    (Guild Hall)
    11/05/80 *
    UG/L EX-
  11. Santa Monica, CA
    (Civic Auditorium)
    11/22/80 *
    UG/L EX-
  12. Liverpool, UK
    (Royal Court)
    10/29/81 **
    UG/L VG+/EX-
  13. Derby, UK
    (Assembly Rooms)
    10/30/82 **
    UG/L (EX-)
  14. Croydon, UK
    (Fairfield Hall)
    10/31/82 **
    UG/L EX-
  15. London, UK
    (Dominion Theater)
    11/06/82 *
    1st gen EX
  16. Tokyo, Japan
    (Koseinenkin Hall)
    Note: Chrome version.
    06/23/83 *
    UG/L EX-
  17. Osaka, Japan
    (Festival Hall)
    06/28/83 *
    1st gen (EX)
  18. San Francisco, CA
    (Warfield Theater)
    06/03/86 *
    2nd gen EX-
  19. Montreal, Canada
    (Place des Art)
    06/19/86 *
    UG/L EX- (EX)

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Lars Jones

  1. Berlin, Germany
    "Metamusik Festival"
    35 minutes / Part One
    The FM broadcast.
    UG/L FM
  2. Berlin, Germany
    "Metamusik Festival"
    19 minutes / Part Two
    The FM broadcast.
    UG/L FM
  3. Sheffield, UK
    (City Hall)
    10/29/74 (44)
  4. Reims, France
    (Opera House)
    09/23/75 (85)
  5. Coventry, UK
    Parts I & II
    10/04/75 (96*)
  6. Bristol, UK
    (Colston Hall)
    Source 1 (the real show).
    10/05/75 (45)
  7. Liverpool, UK
    Parts I & II
    10/16/75 (120*)
  8. Paris, France
    (Nouvel Hippodrome de Paris)
    Parts I & II
    Note: date is unconfirmed.
    01/23/76? // 01/26/76? (100*)
  9. Brighton, UK
    (The Dome)
    06/10/76 (85)
    4th gen
  10. Hannover, Germany
    Parts I & II
    10/20/76 (107*)
  11. Dusseldorf, Germany
    10/21/76 (74)
  12. Leeds, UK
    (Leeds University)
    Parts I & II
    11/13/76 (110*)
  13. Manchester, UK
    (Free Trade Center)
    11/15/76 (58)
  14. Barcelona, Spain
    Note: this copy possibly
    missing portion of 1st set.
    11/26/76 (90*?)
    2nd gen
  15. Milwaukee, WI
    (Riverside Theater)
    03/29/77 (80)
  16. Washington DC
    (Lisner Auditorium)
    Parts I & II
    The FM original broadcast.
    04/04/77 (105*)
    2nd gen FM
  17. Quebec City, Canada
    (Hilton Convention Center)
    Parts I & II
    04/11/77 (110*)
  18. Toronto, Canada
    (Convocation Hall)
    08/04/77 (91)
  19. Berlin, East Germany
    (Palast der Republik)
    The evening show
    aka: "White Cloths."
    01/31/80 (115*)
    1st gen
  20. Hamburg, Germany
    (Congress Center)
    Parts I & II
    10/16/80 (110*)
  21. Santa Monica, CA
    (Civic Auditorium)
    Parts I & II
    Note: from two CDRs
    (digitally enhanced).
    11/22/80 (105*)
    3rd gen
  22. Providence, RI
    (Performing Arts Center)
    Note: a composite from
    1st & 2nd generations.
    06/27/86 (110*)
    1st & 2nd gen
  23. New York, NY
    (Beacon Theater)
    Parts I & II
    06/28/86 (120*)
    3rd gen
  24. Amsterdam, Holland
    (Melkweg "The Max")
    Parts I & II
    04/20/97 (135*)
    2nd gen DCC master

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Jones (cont.)
(partial tape selections, selected encores and bits & pieces):

  1. Berlin, Germany
    "Ultima Thule" outtake.
    Note: from CDR / FM source.
    1971 (06)
    UG/L FM
  2. OST: Gerndenus bis zm Morgen
    Note: from CDR source.
    04/25/72 (13)
    UG/L TV
  3. Berlin, Germany
    (RIAS - FM)
    Klangcollage with "Ashra
    Temple" 1972 (20).
    UG/L FM
  4. Unknown Location
    circa 1972-73 (35).
    UG FM
  5. London, UK
    (BBC Studios)
    "Oedipus Tynannus"
    from the Chicester Festival
    (digitally enhanced).
    08/22/74 (23)
    UG/L FM
  6. London, UK
    (BBC - "Top Gem")
    "Mysterious Semblance..."
    introduced by DJ John Peel.
    04/09/74 (12)
    UG/L FM
  7. Reims, France
    (Broadcast interview & encore)
    12/13/74 (17)
    UG/L FM
  8. London, UK
    (Olympia Theater)
    Note: an extract.
    10/22/75 (32)
  9. Valencia, Spain
    (Pabellon Deportiro Marcol)
    Note: this is a selected encore
    extract (digitally enhanced).
    03/12/78 (13)
  10. San Francisco, CA
    (Warfield Theater)
    (KZSC - FM)
    Note: The first 31 minutes playable without any
    distortion in the 1st set. BTW: this venue date
    was_confirmed_by Bob Forman who was there.
    He in fact looked it up in the newspaper to ver-
    ify the date. Paul Fellows still list it as 11/20.
    So, I'll ask him what proof does he have such
    as a ticket stub with 11/20 printed on it, etc.
    11/23/80 (37)
    UG/L FM
  11. OST: "Vision Quest"
    1984 session/demo tape
    (taken from "Crazy for Dream").
    1984 (17)
  12. OST: Metropole Berlin
    1990 (19)
    UG/L TV
  13. "Voxel Ux"
    The TDI Website Easter Island
    Contest (rough edit copy) 1997
    (eleven & one-half minutes).
    3rd gen
  14. "The Keep"
    TDI version
    1998 (60)
    1st gen

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Miscellaneous Sources:

  1. Berlin, Germany
    (Werner Seelenbinder Hall)
    The FM rebroadcast.
    02/20/90 (60)
    UG/L FM EX-
  2. London, UK
    (Shepherds Bush Empire)
    11/30/96 (140*)
    UG/L VG+/EX

TD Contacts:

  1. Reims, France
    (Opera House)
    Note: his master edit.
    09/23/75 (85)
  2. Reims, France
    (Opera House)
    Note: CDR source and the
    same source tape as above.
    09/23/75 (85)

Chris Nokes:

  1. Hollywood, CA
    (Sir Theater)
    07/12/95 (60)
    2nd gen

T- Spect Le:

  1. Hollywood, CA
    (SIR Theater)
    Note: raw video footage.
    07/12/95 (60/ blank 120)
    2nd gen

Alan Benson:
(I made it! ~lol~)

  1. Berkeley, CA
    (KALX - 90.7 FM)
    "Special TD show"
    10/20/94 (100)
    Master Pre-FM

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As with the Solomon collection TD master tape list, where I may partially disagree
with the ratings as given, or simply they were not given in the original text due to the
fact all his TD tapes are also not listed (!), my redefined assignment are given within
parenthesis. This also includes the ratings for the tapes that are not listed by any of the
source quotes. Additionally, the true total times of all the tapes and a proper assign-
ment of sound quality (strictly using a one to ten scale), to be included in my TD
Master Tape List that I'll be diligently working on in the near future.

In this generation tape list that I've extrapolated from the source quotes, I've simply
estimated the times of the shows and included a single asterisk to indicate the shows
that contain the complete encores. Incidentally, in the partial list of Solomon's tapes
a double asterisk after the date indicates that I have the encore or filler, but *not* the
complete show (at this time). Also, a single asterisk solely indicates that I have the
show in full. BTW: All the cassette's listed here are either Maxell XL-II or XL-IIS
(chrome Cr02) unless otherwise specified.

For conformity of this accounting, I've continued to use the rating system established by
Bruce (VG/EX). The updated listing from the Lars Jones collection has yet to be fully
rated. However, on the whole the sound quality is exceptional (there is one that I wonder
why he even made -- I'll check I think it's Providence, RI, 06/27/86). The gen numbers
have been taken directly from the source quotes. Simply add one gen for my copy and
one further gen for copies being made or transferred, etc. At some point that too will
change when I'm able to upgrade to a Tascam Pro CDR player/recorder. Clearly, I'll
start the old fashioned way (what I know best), and first do it via the audiophile method.
BTW: Sometimes, Bruce lets me borrow from his analogue masters for special transfers.

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  1. Unless stated, all of the fan tapes are considered as audience tapes (AD),
    if not otherwise expressed.
  2. The Columbus show at the Palace Theater on 10/14/92 is a duplicate tape.
    The copy from CH is from a DAT recording and sounds quite tinny (it lacks
    a great middle). Also, the shows from Brighton (06/10/76), Washington DC
    (04/04/77), Palast der Republik (01/30/80), Brussels (10/13/80), Preston
    (11/05/80), Sydney (02/22/82), Berlin ICC (11/15/82), and Santa Monica
    (11/22/80), are duplicated from the Horn, Solomon & Jones collections.
    The definitive versions are from Solomon & Jones. I have three different
    copies of Tokyo (06/23/83). The chrome version (complete with encores),
    from Bruce is the best.
  3. Although, the PDR (01/31/80), of "White Cloths" is a well known cassette tape
    boot (only later was it transferred to CDRs), I thought to add it here anyway. For
    a number of years, Chris (Horn) had the best copy and not until the FM transcript-
    ion tape was finally transferred did it become second place, etc. I prefer to keep
    my TD boots completely separated from this pure ~analogue~ section. Otherwise,
    it becomes polluted with just about everything with CDRs, clones of CDRs, clones
    of clones, boots (in any form), and original boots. 'nuff said!
  4. Abbreviations used:

    AD = Audience
    FM = Frequency Modulation
    MC = Metal cassette
    SB = Soundboard
    TV = Television
    UG = Unknown generation
    UG/L = Unknown generation / (clearly) low

    Also, occasionally you'll see (90/105). This means that I have the first 90
    minutes and there exist an encore to be filled (I'll eventually get it all from
    Bruce -- don't worry). ~lol~

  5. Special Trade Conditions:

    There are five shows from the Solomon list that require special circumstances
    for trade. Don't worry, Bruce is an old friend and I'll be softening him up very
    shortly now. He's gonna cry when he hears: "Coefficient of Aural Expansion"
    & "Ruby in the Sky!" They are:

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Addendum A:
(Special CDRs)

Waveform Compact Disc:

The original CD (boots), DAT or analogue tape are transferred then the binary
code is fed into a computer and then processed into a CD-R burner. All done
via the computer using special software, etc.

I've added this here as I noticed when I finally got on the Internet that only a few
of these were listed in the TD bootleg track listings. These were made by a TD
fan (an audio engineer and computer whiz), and had limited circulation. I have
almost all of them except one (the first SIR Theater disc #01). Here now for
the first time is the complete list (in the order made and received):

  1. "Prayer of Quiet Dreams" (boot CD), binary transfer.
  2. "3 Tier Dreams" (boot CDs), three disc set which includes Analogue
    Days, Digital Times & Parisian Dreams.
  3. London, UK (Royal Albert Hall), 04/02/75. BBC / DAT private TD
    fan FM recording analogue to DAT transfer.
  4. Berlin, East Germany (Palast der Republik), 01/31/80. FM source
    and two disc were produced, the second version is titled "Bergamo"
    is fully indexed & features a much sweeter sound (removal of bass
  5. Cologne, Germany (03/29/86) FM source analogue transfer.

  6. Ventura, CA (11/01/92) analogue transfer (two disc set). Two sets
    were produced, the second version is fully indexed and features a
    terrific sound (removal of bass frequency and low rumble).
  7. Hollywood, CA (SIR Theater), 07/12/95 analogue transfer. Two disc
    were produced, the second version is fully indexed and improves the
    sound quality as actually presented at the show (I was there, so I can
    fully attest to it!). BTW: TD was using a sub-standard sound system
    on that night (see the SIR Theater technical report now the next link)
    posted in the old Majordomo V16 #709 (07/23/99), Re: D: Live Week
    40. This CDR features the removal of bass frequency and low rumble.
    Also, includes bonus tracks.
  8. Berlin, Germany (ICC), 11/15/82 and Logos tour from analogue sound-
    board (a gift from Edgar Froese to the late TD fan Peter Gyrgorcewicz).
    Two disc were produced, the second one is fully indexed and features
    zero-gap indexing. IMHO this was the best recording until the boot
    "Logos Type" was released.
  9. Sydney, Australia (Regent Theater). 02/22/82. FM analogue.
    The entire first set plus excerpts from the 2nd set.
  10. New Haven, CT (Palace Center), 09/09/88. The 2nd set. Part Two
    from soundboard analogue transfer and fully indexed. Also contains
    four bonus tracks. (*)
  11. New Haven, CT (Palace Center), 09/09/88. The 1st set (aka: "Spherical
    Harmonics One" - SHO). This one features Edgar's guitar solo digitally
    repaired (fixing the glitch), soundboard to analogue transfer and fully
  12. Berlin, East Germany (Palast der Republik), 01/31/80. From the after-
    noon show FM analogue transfer and fully indexed. Title: "Bergama."
  13. "Danger Live" Part Two. (note: this is not the boot). Includes the show
    excerpts from Brussels (02/09/76) AD excerpt and encore, and composition
    from Berlin, Germany (Philharmonic Hall), 06/27/76. AD and FM analogue
    to DAT transfer and fully indexed.
  14. Brussels, Belgium (Cirque Royal), 10/13/80. Analogue to DAT
    transfer (this is the condensed CDR single version in which the 2nd
    set transitional piece is cut short to present "Silver Scale" and the
    "Thief" extract "Scrap Yard" in full. Title: "Nostrasgram" and is fully
    indexed. Note: I disagree with the rating assigned in TD Boot Track
    listings. This comes from an analogue to DAT transfer of a Solomon
    1st gen copy.
  15. Seattle, WA (Paramount Theater), 04/21/77. Analogue to DAT
    transfer and fully indexed.
  16. Berlin, Germany (Werner Seelenbinder Hall). 02/02/90. FM
    analogue to DAT transfer fully indexed (two disc set).
  17. London, UK (Shepherds Bush Empire), 11/30/96. Analogue
    transfer to CDR (two disc set). Features the 1st and 2nd sets
    and is fully indexed.

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These are just a few hand picked TD diehard links that all have something
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specialty all to itself. Instead of describing each one, I'll just let you surf
them and see for yourself the complexities of what it truly means to be a
real true & loyal full blue "TD diehard!" ~lol~

John Burek & Mark Schaffer
~This is ZebbyWorld~
(your choice of frames or no-frames version)

What Dreams Are Made Of
The ~Tangerine Dream~ Concert Tracklist

Morgan Feldon's
~Brand *New* TD Project~

The Unheard ~Tangerine Dream~ Project

Be sure to check out the --
~TD diehard discussion section!~

The Unheard ~TD~ Forums

Special note:
At some point the heavy part of the *diehard*
privatized area was removed. To many cooks in
the proverbial TD kitchen I suppose... Contact
Morgan Feldon for additional details.

Heiko Heer▀en's
~The *Essential* TD Concert List~
A TD diehard must read!

The Essential TD ~live~ Recordings

And, Heiko's
~Complete TD Concert List (1968-2003)~

Complete TD Concert Lists

Klaus Beschorner's
~TD Music page with many zipped files~
It's simply one of the very best!

Beschorner's Music Homepage

James Owens & Steve Jenkins
~TD *Boot* Listings Deluxe~

TD Bootleg Track Listings
(Down on December 2003).

Jean-Pierre Zanier
~Also be sure to check out also Zanier's *boot* pages~
(Note: the webpages are all in French use the translated
Google link given here which begins on his TD homepage)

Tangerine Dream Bootlegs

The Google translated version

Keen Auricle Productions
~Another superb private fan CDR listings deluxe~

Keen Auricle Homepage

Jeffrey Au-Yeung's
~One super terrific TD memorabilia picturesque collection~
(Note: Some big scans so give the webpage time to load!)

ColdwaterCanyon's Homepage
(Down on January 2003).

Paul Fellow's
~Simply wonderful TD Concert Dates Lists~

TD Concert Dates

~The standard by which we diehards live and breath~

Voices In The Net

To see my ~general TD links~ please visit:

~Audiophile junk, Postscripts & Favorite Links~

Note: All of the URL links above have been corrected
& verified... Apparently, Heiko's superb "Complete
TD Concert Lists"
was not 100% correct -- he'll never
*forgive* me! ~lol~ Also, Jeffrey's (ColdwaterCanyon),
& the TD Bootleg Track Listings websites unfortunately
appear both down. :-(

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My Best Always,
-- Al (the TD's pal)
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~Al Benson~

The very first time that I ever heard TD was to
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This is the original press photo from MCA Records.

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