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Berkeley, CA

Lone Pine 1976 Original Scoresheets

GM Anthony (Tony) Miles vs. SM Jack Peters

Louis D. Statham
Master Chess Tournament
Result: 1-0, Round #7, Board #5
Saturday, March 13th, 1976

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Note: This scoresheet digital scan is in black & white...


(Anthony John Miles // 1955 - 2001)

"The Game"

GM Anthony (Tony) Miles vs. SM Jack Peters

Louis D. Statham
Master Chess Tournament
Lone Pine, CA
Round #7, Board #5
Time Control: 45 // 2 & 1/2
March 13, 1976


  1. c4 Nf6

  2. Nc3 e6

  3. d4 Bb4

  4. Bg5 c5

  5. d5 h6

  6. Bh4 Bc3+

  7. bc e5

  8. e3 d6

  9. Bd3 Nbd7

  10. Ne2 Qe7

  11. Ng3 e4

  12. Ne4 g5

  13. Nf6+ Qf6

  14. Bg3 Qc3+

  15. Kf1 Ne5

  16. Be2 Bf5

  17. Qc1 Qa5

  18. Qb2 Qc7

  19. f4 gf

  20. ef Ng6

  21. Qf6 Qd7

  22. Re1 Kf8

  23. Kf2 h5

  24. Bh4 Kg8

  25. Bg5 a6

  26. Bf3 b5

  27. Re3 bc

  28. Rhe1 Bd3

  29. Re6 Qa4

  30. Rd6 Qa2+

  31. Kg3 h4+

  32. Kg4 Qf2

  33. Rd7 Rh7

  34. Bh6 Nf8

  35. Rde7 Bg6

  36. Kg5 Qd4

  37. Qd4 cd

  38. Bf8 Rf8

  39. d6 Bc2

  40. Be4 Rg7+

  41. Kf6 d3

  42. Ra1 Rg6+

  43. Bg6 fg

  44. Ke5 d2

  45. d7 Ba4

  46. Kd4 Rd8

  47. Re8+ Re8

  48. de=Q+ Be8

  49. Rd1 Resigns


A fantastic last round game only overshadowed by
the "Browne vs. Grefe" encounter in which a tie for
first place hung in the delicate balance if Grefe had
won (thus tying with GM Tigran Petrosian)... This
superb chess game by the late GM Anthony Miles
had a bit of everything. A very sharp opening posi-
tion resulting from the ever solid Nimzo-Indian De-
fense (Leningrad Variation), as black attempted to
complicate the position early with 11... e4?!

Tony's 19. f4! was a great shot to pry loose and open
up the position and begin his attacking operations on
the "e-file", also to make room for those two bishops.
Then later he advanced with 29. Re6! which led to a
dramatic king walk (finally getting to f6). In deep time-
trouble -- Tony missed the simple 39. f5! This would
have sealed Jack's fate early. Indeed, Peters fought
back hard with 42... Rg6+! Now, Tony perhaps hastily
grabbed the exchange, however instead: 43. Ke5 would
have been a better winning attempt. Jack's last chance
to save the game was with: 44... Rd8! (instead of 44...
d2?). As, then Tony would have been forced to sub-
mit to a draw by doubling his rooks on the 7th rank
setting up a perpetual check. This was truly a terrific
last round Lone Pine finish to a titanic chess struggle.
Indeed, one of the highlights that year at the Statham
Masters Chess Tournament...

I'll forever remember Tony very much like his picture
given above. He was both a chess rebel and unique.
He became England's first International Grandmaster
in 1976 (thus winning the James Slater award and the
monetary gift that accompanied it). He also won the
World Junior Chess Championship in Manila in 1974
(acquiring the IM title). I'll always fondly remember
that one special night after the many Lone Pine chess
adventures (Tony played in the LP tournaments during
the years: '73, '76, '78-'80), and we had all arrived back
in the City -- San Francisco. During one evening the late
Guthrie McClain (we just knew him as "Mac"), Robert
(Bob) Burger, Tony Miles and myself spent a fantastic
evening in a Chinatown restaurant. We were there for
well over three hours discussing the usual chess politics,
International chess tournaments, and of course -- food!

These original scoresheets are in very good shape (they
remained boxed & fully protected for over twenty-seven
years). Both scoresheets are initialed by GM Miles and
both scores are signed by SM Peters (matched set pair).
Quite suitable for framing... :-)

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