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Berkeley, CA

Lone Pine 1976 Original Scoresheets

GM Vasily Smyslov signature (one is printed in the book and his original
signature is on top). This taken from the "1959 Candidates Tournament"
by S. Gligoric & W. Ragosin. "Kandidatenturnier für Schachweltmeister-
-- Bled // Zagreb // Beograd // 6 September -- 31 Oktober 1959.
First Printing: Jugoslawischer Schachverband // Beograd 1960. Note: This
fabulous chess book was formally in my extensive book collection. I'm
keeping an unsigned *mint* copy... :-)

GM Vasily Smyslov vs. IM Norman Weinstein

Louis D. Statham
Master Chess Tournament
Result: Draw, Round #4, Board #3
Wednesday, March 10th, 1976

These scoresheets "SOLD" at eBay auction.

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Books // GM Vasily Smyslov // Story selections."

Note: These scoresheet digital scans are in black & white...


"The Game"

GM Vasily Smyslov vs. IM Norman Weinstein

Louis D. Statham
Master Chess Tournament
Lone Pine, CA
Round #4, Board #3
Time Control: 45 // 2 & 1/2
March 10, 1976


  1. Nf3 Nf6

  2. b3 g6

  3. Bb2 Bg7

  4. g3 b6

  5. Bg2 Bb7

  6. 0-0 c5

  7. c4 0-0

  8. Nc3 Na6

  9. d4 cd

  10. Nd4 Bg2

  11. Kg2 Qc8

  12. e4 Qb7

  13. f3 d6

  14. Qe2 Nc5

  15. Rad1 a6

  16. b4 Ncd7

  17. Nd5 Rfe8

  18. a3 Rac8

  19. Rc1 e6

  20. Nf6+ Bf6

  21. Nb3 Draw


A quiet chess game typical of this kind of position in the double
Indian Systems... As, the Ex-World Chess Champion Vasily
Smyslov just took it all in quite nonchalantly while Norman was
content in quietly folding his newly accquired scoresheet with a
grin on his face beaming from ear to ear!

Both original scoresheets are in very good shape (they
remained boxed & fully protected for over twenty-seven
years). Both scoresheets are initialed by Smyslov and
both scores are signed by Weinstein.

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