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Berkeley, CA

Lone Pine 1976 Original Scoresheets

GM Vasily Smyslov signature (one is printed in the book and his original
signature is on top). This taken from the "1959 Candidates Tournament"
by S. Gligoric & W. Ragosin. "Kandidatenturnier für Schachweltmeister-
-- Bled // Zagreb // Beograd // 6 September -- 31 Oktober 1959.
First Printing: Jugoslawischer Schachverband // Beograd 1960. Note: This
fabulous chess book was formally in my extensive book collection. I'm
keeping an unsigned *mint* copy... :-)

GM Vasily Smyslov vs. IM John Grefe

Louis D. Statham
Master Chess Tournament
Result: Draw, Round #6, Board #2
Friday, March 12th, 1976

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Note: These scoresheet digital scans are in black & white...


"The Game"

GM Vasily Smyslov vs. IM John Grefe

Louis D. Statham
Master Chess Tournament
Lone Pine, CA
Round #6, Board #2
Time Control: 45 // 2 & 1/2
March 12, 1976


  1. Nf3 Nf6

  2. g3 g6

  3. b4 c6

  4. Bb2 a5

  5. a3 d5

  6. Bg2 ab

  7. ab Ra1

  8. Ba1 Na6

  9. c3 Bg7

  10. d3 0-0

  11. 0-0 Bg4

  12. Nbd2 Nd7

  13. h3 Bf3

  14. Bf3 e6

  15. Bg2 Qb6

  16. Qc2 Ra8

  17. Bb2 Nc7

  18. Ra1 Ra1+

  19. Ba1 Draw


This game setup the dramatic last round encounter between
"Browne vs. Grefe" in which a tie for first place hung in the
delicate balance if Grefe had won (thus tying with GM Tigran
Petrosian). John has always performed well in the Lone Pine
chess tournaments. This game being no exception. The open-
ing used was an Indian System for which Smyslov is truly a
virtual virtuoso. Vasily played the early 3. b4, and Grefe
countered shortly thereafter with 4... a5 after the prepara-
tory 3... c6 (quite standard to contest the "c5" square), and
then also to break open the "a-file." His later maneuver of
11.... Bg4 followed shortly by 13... Bf3 thus giving up the
"bishop pair" in exchange for a strong center & activity on
the Q-side which led to dynamic equality. After the final
pair of Rooks came off Vasily was once again in a peace-
ful mood and offered the draw which John immediately

These original scoresheets are in very good shape (they remained
boxed & fully protected for over twenty-seven years). Both score-
sheets are initialed by GM Smyslov & both scores are signed by
IM Grefe (matched set pair). Quite suitable for framing... :-)

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