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Berkeley, CA

Lone Pine 1976 Original Scoresheets

GM Miguel Quinteros vs. GM Pal Benko

Louis D. Statham
Master Chess Tournament
Result: 1-0, Round #7, Board #4
Saturday, March 13th, 1976

These scoresheets "SOLD" at eBay auction.

Note: This scoresheet digital scan is in black & white...


"The Game"

GM Miguel Quinteros vs. GM Pal Benko

Louis D. Statham
Master Chess Tournament
Lone Pine, CA
Round #7, Board #4
Time Control: 45 // 2 & 1/2
March 13, 1976


  1. e4 c5

  2. Nf3 d6

  3. d4 cd

  4. Nd4 Nf6

  5. Nc3 a6

  6. Bg5 Nc6

  7. Qd2 Bd7

  8. f4 b5

  9. Bf6 gf

  10. Nf5 b4

  11. Nd1 Qb8

  12. Nde3 e6

  13. Ng3 h5

  14. Be2 h4

  15. Nh5 Be7

  16. 0-0-0 Qa7

  17. Nc4 Rd8

  18. Nd6+ Kf8

  19. e5 fe

  20. fe Ne5

  21. Qf4 Qc5

  22. Nb7 Bg5

  23. Nc5 Rh5

  24. Ne6+ Be6

  25. Rd8+ Ke7

  26. Rd4 Bf4+

  27. Rf4 Rg5

  28. Rh4 Rg2

  29. Re4 Nd7

  30. Ba6 Nc5

  31. Re2 Resigns


This game the ever popular Najdorf Variation of the Sicilian
Defense (with GM Miguel Najdorf in attendance again that
year!). Pal played an off beat line with 6... Nc6 followed
by 7... Bd7. Miguel responded in a positional way giving
up the black squared bishop with 9. Bf6 which allows the
Knights to reign supreme in the center and on the King-side
(the maneuver 11, Nd1 followed by 12. Nde3 cementing the
Knights together). Clearly, Pal was in deep trouble after 17.
Nc4 ! The game then becomes complex with Miguel playing
the intuitive 19. e5 giving up a pawn for open lines. As, Pal
fought back in the ensuing complications springing 22... Bg5.
However, in the end Miguel had everything worked out to a
tee and his 31. Re2 ended any further thoughts of resistance.

These original scoresheets are in very good shape (they
remained boxed & fully protected for over twenty-seven
years). Both scoresheets are signed by the players GM
Miguel Quinteros and GM Pal Benko (matched set pair).
Quite suitable for framing... :-)

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