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Berkeley, CA

Lone Pine 1976 Original Scoresheets

The "Tiger's" signature (one is printed in the book and his original
signature on the left bottom). This taken from the "1959 Candidates
by S. Gligoric & W. Ragosin. "Kandidatenturnier für
-- Bled / Zagreb / Beograd // 6 September
-- 31 Oktober 1959. First Printing: Jugoslawischer Schachverband //
Beograd 1960. Note: This fabulous chess book was formally in my
extensive book collection. I'm keeping an unsigned *mint* copy... :-)

IM William Martz vs. GM Tigran Petrosian

Louis D. Statham
Master Chess Tournament
Result: Draw, Round #5, Board #1
Thursday, March 11th, 1976

These scoresheets "SOLD" at eBay auction.

Note: This scoresheet scan is in black & white.


"The Game"

IM William Martz vs. GM Tigran Petrosian

Louis D. Statham
Master Chess Tournament
Lone Pine, CA
Round #5, Board #1
Time Control: 45 // 2 & 1/2
March 11, 1976


  1. c4 g6

  2. e4 Bg7

  3. d4 d6

  4. Nc3 Nf6

  5. Be2 0-0

  6. f4 c5

  7. Nf3 cd

  8. Nd4 Nc6

  9. Be3 Bd7

  10. 0-0 Nd4

  11. Bd4 Bc6

  12. Bf3 a5

  13. c5 dc

  14. Draw


A quiet chess game transposing to a normal "King's
Indian Defense." As, Tigran still had his work to do
and had yet to face GM Miguel Quinteros in round
#6 producing an equally exciting game in which he
always had full control over. So, next time someone
tells you: "You drew in just thirteen moves?!?"
You can whip out from your overstuffed brief case
the framed originals and then proudly say: "Why --
it was good enough for the Tiger!"

Both original scoresheets are in very good shape (they
remained boxed & fully protected for over twenty-seven
years). Both scoresheets are initialed by Petrosian and
both scores are signed by Martz (matched pair). Quite
suitable for framing... :-)

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