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[b]Hello people![/b] This is the hentai site [b]Japanation[/b] (also known as [b]JPN[/b]) speaking! We have worked on a [u]newsletter[/u] the last few days, and here are the results! [u]More[/u] newsletter will come when we feel its needed. I hobe you still [b]visit[/b] [b]JPN[/b] and its wonderful [b]*FREE*[/b] features! And check the [b]forum[/b] onetime or another, always funny to talk to people that share the same [b]interest[/b] as you! ;-) [hr] Alot of [b]new content[/b] has been uploaded to this site... And i am sorry to announce that right now uploading of your own pictures is [b]disbaled[/b], but we are working on it! Two movies: ************** [b]Sin Sorority[/b] ************** [b]Review: [/b] It's a great girl on girl hardcore Hentai Movie. It's only in japanese sorry.) And here is the [b]screenshot: [/b] ************** ************** [b]Sacrilege[/b] ************** No [b]review[/b], sorry. Here is [b]screenshot[/b]: ************** [hr] [b]New clips:[/b] ************** [b]Mezzo forte[/b] ************** [b]Girl next door[/b] *************** *************** [hr] For those with [b]problems downloading:[/b] [hr] Those who want to put images on the site just remember: Use [b][img]*link to picture*[/img][/b] with out the **. You can not put the link from your pc: (example) [b]C:/[/b] You need to put/take it on/from the Internet. [b]Upload[/b] your picture here: More guideiesn(need to be spelled) here. [hr] Anybody who has an avatar(115 x 115 max) or a signature(500x90 max) over the mentioned, they are too big. Get them [b]rezized[/b] here: [hr] [b]Site/Forum/Shoutbox rules:[/b] [b]1:[/b] Don't spam [b]2:[/b] Don't post offending pictures (like small girls and very hardcore) [b]3:[/b] Don't post 3 times in row, in one single topic. 2 is allowed, but don't do it to much. [b]Edit[/b] instead [b]4:[/b] Don't a topic, where only 2 people replys, all the time/person to person coversation. thats considered as spam. [b]5:[/b] Once in awhile I think a little private joke spoken in foreign tongue should be OK. It's clear this website is 99.99 English... [b]6:[/b] About the offensive stuff I've referred to some items (all names withheld) as the cute little wars... So long as were just using *Smilies* to kill, injure and otherwise cause the usual amount of mayhem here it's clear that Japanation will survive... = means don't use "hard words" to provoke people, in fact don't use them, its allowed to show anger, but things like [b]"motherfucker"[/b] is not allowed! Since it to childish. So if you can't use normal words use smilieys (Just don't over use them) [b]7:[/b] Moderators don't need to stay to the topic, when working (Of course, the same with admins) [b]8:[/b] Behave yourself, and you will be fine [b]9:[/b] No exchange of passes to any sites [hr] Some [b]key galleries[/b] for the lot of us are(the most viewed and most visisted gallery's by the members): [b]Manasteel88 (Modestator)[/b] [url][/url] [b]From Agonistes:[/b] [url][/url] [b]From dark17:[/b] [url][/url] [b]Great gallery from escobar101010:[/b] [url][/url] [b]From goldenboy223:[/b] [url][/url] [b]Both of Icedragons:[/b] [url][/url] [url][/url] [b]and from pamfan the mighty(modestrator):[/b] [url][/url] [hr] For those interested a [b]new group[/b] has formed outside of the JPN to help those with big ideas: [url][/url] [hr] We from [b]JPN[/b] wishes you all a [b]Merry Christmas[/b], and hobe your wishes will come true! and we will see you on the site ;-) [b]Idear[/b] by: [b]Manasteel88[/b] [b]Stucture[/b] and [b]order[/b] by: [b]TimeKeeper[/b] [b]Content[/b] by: [b]Manasteel88[/b] and [b]Timekeeper[/b] [b]Review[/b] and [b]design[/b] by: [b]Pamfan[/b] End of email (this is not gonna be in it) ------------------------------------------------------------- I have sended this to manasteel so he has an idear how it looks. And BTW: it auto writes [b]From[/b]: Japanation in end of email. [hr] make a beutiful line - to the one end of message to the other end A lot prettier then___________ and '-------- So you use that. BTW, you can't control the lenght of it, so its only when deviding the message up in sections you need it. Els use ***, '''', ---, ___ and what ever you can think of ;-) [align=left]tekst[/align] To the left as here. [align=center]tekst[/align] Makes the test stand in middle [align=right]tekst[/align] Makes the tekst stand to the right. SOOOO [hr] [align=justify][/align] [align=left][/align] [align=center][/align] [align=right][/align] [b][/b] [i][/i] [u][/u] Is ALL you need ;-) Ok? Write the newsletter here, and i will review it, copy and paste it into news letter, and click preview. Then save it, and make the announcement. OK? TimKeeper _________________________________________________________________ Få alle de nye og sjove ikoner med MSN Messenger