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Odes to ~Tangerine Dream~

The Story of Tangerine Dream (double CD set 1994)

TD Ode Preview:

This is how each and every "Ode to Tangerine Dream"
was originally constructed (so written). Now the first
time and the magic of HTML, I proudly present them
in this format for your reading and viewing pleasure
just as they were intentionally written forevermore...


Ode to TD (#1)
"Before time began"

Ode to TD (#2)
"Ode to an upcoming gig"

Ode to TD (#3)
"Why do we listen?"

Ode to TD (#4)
"Antique tangerines"

Ode to TD (#5)
"TD focus"

Ode to TD (#6)
"Ode to Mandala"

Tribute to TD (#1)
"Seasonal 1999"

Tribute to TD (#2)
"Seasonal 2002"

Original digital artwork a gift for this TD website.
This piece created & designed by Cristinel Crisan.
~Thanks Cristi!~

ODE to TD (#1):

"Before time began"

In the
primeval dawn
before time began...

There came
an electrifying mist
originating from a
magical cold blue thunder.

This mist
tenderly nourished a
breathtaking melodic tune.

That tune
meticulously crafted
and perfectly conceived
was always to be
understood and spoken
by one chosen name.

The name
was forevermore
to be known only as
"Tangerine Dream!"

Composed 03/16/96 and posted in the TDI guestbook on 03/21/99. Inspired from
inspiration stemming from the line "magical cold blue thunder" late in the first set
(Oxford, UK, New Theater, 10/15/81). Which we all now know to be as: "Bundy
Parade!" From: "TD Classic Editions -- REDONE!" (aka: "SoHoMan" & "Sound-
mill Navagitor"). Now, I only listen to the FM transcription masters, original and
re-broadcast of these classic shows. 'nuff said!

The Dream Lives On!
The Unofficial Collector's Guide
to the Music of Tangerine Dream
by Alan Vincent Michaels

ODE to TD (#2):

"Ode to an upcoming gig"

TD diehards never stop.
You all know what I mean.

Shall we just begin with a few strings.
The guitar wings do like to sing.

We have got to get to that music.
It's all about a TD gig.

Sequencers always running free...
ba. da, da -- ba, da, da.

Blasting incessantly and repeatedly.
Shepherds Bush never fails to please.

Time to play another, don't you think?
Will our astonishment never cease!

Composed 11/10/96 and written in honor of the (then upcoming venue) Shepherds Bush
Empire TD gig in London, UK (11/30/96). Posted in Tadream OneList digest (04/30/99).

Voices In The Dunes
The Tangerine Dream Worldwide Discorgaphy

by Rolf Sonnemann, Peter Stoeferle & Matt Hargreaves

Ode to TD (#3):

"Why do we listen?"

Could it be that special place
where rollickingly hills
of daffodils play.

Unlocking their myriad of mysteries
with each freshly painted scene
ready to shine
the night into day.

As, the silly old moon
just smiles gently down
always pulsating
in perfect tune.

Yes, this is our cherished place
from Sorcerers to Goblins
shimmering with magical potions.

Dancing ever so effortlessly
with their symphonic melodies
briskly stirring the dawning oasis
in the cool evening air...
Always we long to be there.

With each and every beat
that we feel deep within our hearts
the insatiable "need to know"
no longer plays the part.

Composed by 01/20/97 -- just for the hell of it! Posted in the Majordomo digest
07/22/99) in response to Frédéric's query ("Mars Polaris" / again). Reposted in
the old TDI guestbook in honor of their 3rd year on the Internet (on 09/20/99),
and was posted there on 09/25/99.

Digital Gothic
A critical discography of Tangerine Dream

by Paul Stump

Ode to TD (#4):

"Antique tangerines"

Tonight's ripe sunset was all deliciously tangerine...
Very much in full bloom and quite ready to spring.
On this honored TD day we saw and heard an
"antique tangerine" that just fell and blew in our way.

Ba - ba - ba - da... Repeat: Ba - ba - ba - da...
The soothing pleasurable sounds we so long to process,
digest and hear. Each and every band lineup brings us
a different and roaring good cheer. With a single, but
yet solo Stratocaster Fender guitar. Once we might have
said, "Take those golden keyed strings out of Edgar's
hands -- if you please." Besides, we always came back
for more. So, much, much more...

Now, Oedipus Tyrannus and Ultima Thule are both clearly
unique as they form running variations almost completely
cleared of all those Electro Beats. Then, Calymba Caly
and Flock of Bluebirds brings back to us many pleasant
and fond memories of things past and not quite so bleak.
The mighty Speed Dragon -- I always wondered how, what,
and why this would be so devilishly tuned and neat.

The Edinburgh Castle standing so proud and strong with
its massive stone doors already beginning to creak the
powerful blast of the upcoming ferocious electronic storms.
Naturally, the Moorland moat that completely surrounded
us was truly a ~TD classical~ float supreme. And, of course,
Sorcerer & Thief -- well, what a pure found treasure and
jeweled digital bit stream. We see and hear it and very much
want to spin it and quietly set to sublime we all but just scream.

On weekends we always go to Southbend Mall just to feel
the perfectly soothing ebb and flow... Soon to catch the
Cool Breeze of Brighton and proudly say, "Hey there my
old TD buddy M8." Still yet to follow is the regal & proud
Phaedra of Nottingham who clearly knows no earthly, but
yet bandwidth bounds.

Alas, we're all quite ready, willing and able -- as we dip
into the forthcoming sunset with its rain bowed spectrum
of multi colored crayons. As, the House of the Rising Sun
places us once again solidly back to basics for all of us
to revel and cherish in TD's never-ending magical and
binding spells. Finally, as we now peacefully set to pace
and once again set sail upon the seven known seas to
begin quietly drifting away. Blissfully content to dwell
deep within the sweet dream of dreams of all those
precious antique tangerines!

Composed in honor of "Antique Dreams" (this version slightly adjusted with supplemented
words and corrected at least twice!). ~lol~ The original was posted in the old TDI guest-
book on July 12, 2000.

Mysterious Semblance
A Tangerine Dream Chronology

by Scott Plumer

Ode to TD (#5):

"A peaceful ode to: TD focus"

No more but just a whispering hearsay rumor --
there really is a TD SBE gig coming right up.

We all can present a thoughtful piece to the puzzle.
So, the ripples can expand and collapse in a flash.

Let peace rejoice and reflection be the name of this page.
All you TD fans & diehards know exactly what I mean...

We've got to get to that music.
Simply put -- it's all about a TD gig.

Only the TD music matters.
It's nothing more and nothing less...

The sleeping giant (USA) is reportedly next...
Aren't we all in for a true TD electronic DM3 treat!

Just ~focus~ on the real electronic legends.
Where 2nd place is only left to the cosmic dust.

Whereupon the TD e-trails never stop dreaming...
Just trust me -- and you will forever be pleased!

Composed special for the old TDI Guestbook on March 11, 2001
to quiet down some bad vibes there and to restore some basic
order... :-) Note: Changed one word from the original posting.

30 Years of Dreaming
Tangerine Dream 1967 - 1997

A guided Tour by Kent Borrefjaell Eskildsen

Ode to TD (#6):

"Ode to Mandala"

The mighty force of pure beauty seeking being quite perfected.
Brings forth its raw strength and honor to be never neglected.

A golden magical harpsichord so powered by heavens delight.
Certainly, only J. S. Bach could ever play it with such a fancy flight.

Slowly evolving we see it, feel it, and most of all we want to hear it.
Now here is the power of TD sampled with so many bytes and bits.

Traveling down the road apiece the mighty Streethawk soars to fly.
Only to return to its past classical musical roots of all that stood bye.

Even the grand winding TD staircase leads us following step by step.
We blindly follow this awesome light clearly thinking, "Oh this is so hep."

For there can only be the one that plays so marvelously and in tune.
That is "Mandala" which is what we shall call it when it's in full bloom!

Composed special for the old TDI Guestbook on May 17 2001
with a very special dedication to good friend Heiko Heerßen.
Note: Corrected one word from the original posting.

"Tangerine Dream '70 - '80"
The incrediable four record set with brochure...

Tribute to TD (#1):

"Seasonal Greeting 1999"

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the
house; Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care; In
hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

The very next morning with TD blasting merrily away;
With the wonderful electronic music ever so held at bay;
On every house circuit lovingly baking a loaf of bakers
pound; Filling each & every room with this wondrous
and beautiful sound; Even the solid red masonry bricks
of the blazing hot chimney flakes; Each beginning to
shed their magic TD dust ready to rattle and shake;

As olde St. Nick was so very kind and proud on this
joyful Xmas day; Now we know that each plump filled
stocking would say all but nay; Captivatingly capping a
cornucopia of true TD gems & treasures; Eyes bursting
wide open and cheeks beaming with such pleasures;

Why, it can only be spoken by its name the Millennium
Booster; With its dozen reindeer, hammer and sleigh
all ready to shooster; For soooo very many it was a
pure joy to just unwrap and weigh; To all that made
really "darn" sure, that it would solely be played...

My annual Holiday greeting with my apologizes to:
"'Twas the Night Before Christmas" or "Account of
a Visit from St. Nicholas" by Clement Clarke Moore
(1779-1863). Composed special for the old TDI
Guestbook on December 24, 1999.

"Tangerine Dream '70 - '80"
with a snapshop of the brochure...

Tribute to TD (#2):

"Seasonal Greeting 2002"

The dream (~always~) remains the same...

Deck the halls with boughs of holly hanging
above the overstuffed red stockings filled with
so many kinds of tastefully delicious TD notes,
bytes and bits.

Seasonably spread about just like majestically
uncovered symphonic melodies dancing and
playing ever so softly about upon the first sight
of frost falling 'tis Christmas.

For we can see, touch, smell. taste and all of us
surely must *hear* it. Literally chiming together
we can all share and love that which TD does
bring us during this magical Yuletide time of
the year.

Now as it's being created and composed ever
so generously once more and we shall all try
to be there (some of which is shared in the
gleeful chorus of kind and kindred spirits).
It's very much like when we were just little
kids -- all over once more -- and once again.

'Tis truly well beyond being the grand synth players
indeed with over thirty plus years of TD Christmas
past all packed into one incredible night and concert.
As, the rousing and mighty Astoria shall become our
welcome and roaring good Holiday cheer...

Fa la la la, la la la, la la - LA!

My annual Holiday greeting composed special
for the TDI Guestbook on December 19, 2002.

"Tangerine Dream '70 - '80"
with another snapshop from the brochure...

Picture jpeg credits:

All of the Tangerine Dream book scans (there are five) supplied by Steven Feldman.
He has his own personal page on this Yahoo TD webring. Also, Steve is the leading
diehard specialist in all things connected with the hauntingly beautiful musical sound-
track score of "The Keep."

The hauntingly beautiful film and score of
"The Keep" (the real ~soundtrack~ yet to
be officially published). Paramount Home
Video LV 1563 (USA 1987)

TD live on stage (KlangArt 1999)

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