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"Objects de Art"


~The Art Books~

"The Moderns"
- Gaston Diehl

"Impressionism" (First Volume)
- Jean Leymarie

"Impressionism" (Second Volume)
- Jean Leymarie

"The Century Of The Impressionist"
- Raymond Cogniat

- Text by Milton S. Fox

"Le Nu Feminin - Dans La Peinture Europeenne"
- Jean-Louis Vaudoyer

- Text by Joseph-Emile Muller

"The Impessionists"
- Francois Mathey

- Text by Joseph-Emile Muller

- Edward Lucie-Smith

- Jacques Lassaigne

- Gaston Diehl

"Picasso (the blue and rose periods)"
- Denys Chevalier

"Life With Picasso"
- Francoise Gilot & Carlton Lake

"Gustav Klimt"
- Alice Strobl

"Gustav Klimt"
- Alessandra Comini

"Gustav Klimt" (A Poster Book)
- Text Introduction by Ina Stegen

"The Nude - A Study In Ideal Form"
- Kenneth Clark

"The Nude In Art"
- D.M. Field

"Lovers In Art"
- G.S Whittet

"The Body - Images of the Nude"
- Edward Lucie-Smith

"Musse Rodin"
- Introduction by Leonce Benedite

- Bettina Wadia

"Drawings by Fragonard in North American Collections"
- Eunice Williams

"Conversation Pieces"
- Sacheverell Sitwell

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