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~Alan Benson~

Chess Book Collection

Berkeley, CA

Rare Chess Books
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Note: All of these new listings are for preview only...
Some will be priced and made directly for sale
on my chess websites. The rest will be put up
for sale on eBay. Lastly, some of it is for my
personal core chess library and the remainder
to be donated to California Chess History.

Mars in a former lifetime a knight in sterling armor on a grand steed riding somewhere on a chessboard!

Please Note: My URL chess book website structure was
changed. If you are now here viewing this page (having
bookmarked it previously) please view the ~Marspolaris~
Main Index
or the Alan Benson Main Chess Book Index
websites given below for you. Sorry for any inconvience...

The correct URL Link is:

"New Chess Book Listings"

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"New Chess Book Listings"

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